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Author Topic: A Beginning  (Read 5848 times)

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A Beginning
« on: February 08, 2010, 09:52:49 AM »

Greentings Ray. frist of all I must tell you that we at BT are praying for you everyday. You are never far from our hearts. You have touched so many of us in so many ways. Thank you for your courage and your teachings. Now for my question and I will keep it very short. But Iyou are the only one I can trust with an ansewer .  Here's my question and someone at BT brought this to my intention. Did God our Father have a beginning?? It's a question that I have never thought of before. The man made doctrin (churches)  teach that God always exsited. I know and you teach that if the church teaches it it probable false. I will leave it there. I know you must be tired. You have alot on your plate. We all will keep praying for you and your family.
                                           Thank you,

Dear Darren:  Thank you for your concern over my health (or lack thereof).
Your question may be "short," but it is not specific.  I realize how difficult
for most to "pay close attention to all the words."
You ask whether "God our Father" had a beginning?  You then suggest that the churches teach that
"God always existed."  Which is your question?  Did "God the FATHER" have a beginning or did 'GOD"
have a beginning.  See the difference?  We must make a distinction, as there is a distinction.
The phrase "God the Father" is nowhere found in the O.T. Hebrew Scriptures, only in the N.T. Greek (Ex:  John 6:27).
"GOD" (Who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ) has always existed and did not have a beginning.
However, God as a "FATHER," did have a beginning.  One cannot be a father unless He is a "parent," for that
is one of the main definitions of a "father" in the Greek language.  God has conceived a Son, and from that
time He became a FATHER with a Child--the beginning of His FAMILY.
God means "placer or disposer."  God is not a "placEE" or a "disposEE."  God the PlacER was never placED
So:  "GOD" as the original supreme Being of the universe did not have a beginning.
But God "THE FATHER" of our Lord Jesus Christ did not become the "FATHER" until He became the Father
and Spiritual Parent of Jesus Christ.  Hope this helps clear up your discussion.
God be with you,
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