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Author Topic: French Translation  (Read 3862 times)

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French Translation
« on: March 14, 2010, 10:19:16 PM »

Hi Ray,

I have been reading your website for about two years now, and I thank you for the time and devotion you have put into it.

I pray for you every day, for God’s mercy on you and healing for the cancer. You are a shining example for any of us who meet with adversity.

I live in France, having moved here with my wife five years ago. I believe God has given me a special affection for French people, and I have spent a lot of time trying to learn the language so that I can have a “normal” conversation in French. I know that I shall never speak or understand like a native but I think I can make myself comprehensible in speech and writing.

I don’t know if anyone has translated your articles into French, if so I’ve not come across them. I feel that God is leading me to translate them, and I have made a start on “You fools …” . Obviously it would be better for a native French speaker to put it in French “courant”, and I’m praying that God would provide just such a person, or persons to help.

I hope that you are in agreement with me doing this, Ray. If not, I will not publish any of your articles on the web, but just keep them for sharing with individuals.

When I have finished translating the “Lake of Fire” series I would like to set up a dedicated website, with a link to

I couldn’t reply to people’s questions in the way that you do Ray, as God has given you a very special, unique gift. So I don’t know if it would be possible to have a forum, and the facility for emails. What I do know is that if this is God’s will, He would draw people to the site that He has chosen to know the truth, just as He has led me and countless others to



Dear Geoff:  I appreciate your enthusiasm for getting out God's techings to the French people.  However, as you have stated ;you cannot even

hold a conversation in the French language.  Much of my material involves technical and very very precise language (Examples:  The Myth of Free Will,

use of the word "hell," explanation of the adjective forms of the Greek noun "aion,' etc.)  If these subjects are not covered maticulously, it would do more

harm than good.

I have had many people plagiarize my Lake of Fire series and other articles, and have written whole books using my material.  I have not seen one

that has done justice to the Truth.  Some have wanted to print business cards and put there own name and telephone numbers on

them so as to be my representative in promoting this material.  I simply cannot allow this or condone it.
I tell them all, that they can do one of two things:  [1] Support my ministry, or [2] Start their own ministry, but NOT WITH MY MATERIAL!   Most of these people

think that it would be fun to just take my material and present it to the world in a way that people would then look to them for spiritual guidance.  I once

allowed one that I thought was a brother, to publish some of his articles on my site.  That turned out to be a desaster, and it will never ever happen again.

If God should remove me from this ministry, my Web Master will continue to advertise our site, but there will be no one to take my place or to continue

writing articles.

Everyone is welcome to distribute the material on my site.  They may NOT, however, plagiarize anything, change anything, or sell anything.  Some

said they would never think to "sell" my material on their site or in their ministry, but most of them do have something ELSE to sell, and so my answer

to all of them is "NO."  I am extremely jealous in protecting the integrity of our teachings on I personally do not have the time, money,

or expertise to proof read and critique all those who wish to use my material to start their own ministries.   Hope you understand.

God be with you,

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