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Author Topic: What you do  (Read 2063 times)

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What you do
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:43:17 AM »

Hi Ray.  You're busy, a few words and I'll get to the point.
I read your writings both from your site and from the forum, all of them, repeatedly, since each time something new is presented that I didn't see in a prior reading. Your writings/teachings are printed, bound and titled and one of them is usually in my hand or lap being read when I can get a break from taking care of the horses.  Usually during and after each time of reading I try, in a spiritual way (yes, as you teach) as best I know how Ray, to thank God for you and him having lead me to your writings.  No free-will/sovereignty of God is without a doubt the hardest for me to come to grips.  The beast rages.  God willing he'll bring me to understanding and believing on it fully and soundly.  That one is a slow process for me and he has a reason it that I just can't spiritually see just yet.  His timing, his will, learning and learning to trust.   And even in that search today I read this email response today from your site and thought 'perfect'!  This is what you do:
"That's what I do, Matthew!  I express the teachings of Christendom in layman's language so that all can see the absolute foolishness of their teachings, not to mention unscriptural as well. People LEARN from my writings. They learn to BELIEVE GOD. They learn to BELIEVE THE SCRIPTURES--not man's translations. They learn to have confidence in the God of the Scriptures. Many are turning TO or turning BACK to God because they now see His love and don't see Him as a weakling or hideous monster Who either can't or won't save His creation, but rather will torture His helpless creatures in fire for all eternity."

Yes indeed Ray, that IS what you do.  Through all the above words what I"m really writing to say is thank you. Again.

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