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Author Topic: Money  (Read 5764 times)

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« on: June 28, 2006, 04:10:05 PM »

    mr.l ray SMITH,
i have noticed increasingly in my life lately that people of a religous bent\lifestyle have some affliction of accumulating wealth at other peoples ....expense.why is this?i work for a family company of a religous nature and they seem to be taking me for a ride.i work hard\smart but cant get ahead in life financialy.
         i believe jesus christ cast out the money men\lenders from the doors of the why do so many so-called christians put so much emphasis on the "holy dollar"?it seems to me that the dollar is thier GOD.
    Dear Lyn:
    The reason that you are not "getting ahead" as you state is that God does not want you to get ahead at this time.  This is for your own growth.  Why do I have a plethora of health problems and diseases?  I eat basically quality food (as natural as is practical).  I do not overeat.  I drink gallons of only deep rock water with a PH of 8.1.  I eat a half dozen servings of fresh fruit daily.  I get a pretty good night's sleep. I get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. I take a bunch of natural vitamins and supplements, etc.  Answer:  God does not WANT me to be in perfect youthful health at this time.  It keeps me humble.  I am able to function with some difficulty, but that's all that is necessary for the time being.
    I too struggled with finances most of my life, but then when we started, God blessed me very quickly with sufficient money to support my family and devote many hours a day to our site.  I am now virtually retired from outside employment.  Faith, hope, and patience would be no virtues at all if most people had their own way with their lives.  They would all be so rich, healthy, and happy, that they would have no virtues, little character, and NO TIME for God. When you become consciously aware that your very next breath is totally dependant on God, you will begin to be humble and appreciate what you already have.  Life is hard.  Trust God--He will see you through.
    God be with you,

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