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Author Topic: Does Anyone Feel Like an Alien?  (Read 11707 times)

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Re: Does Anyone Feel Like an Alien?
« Reply #40 on: July 12, 2006, 03:46:09 AM »

You are far from alone, sad to say. At least we have comfort from the best comforter of all!!!

Ironically, according to the last conversation she had with her brother(my husband), she got into Riki, a form of Ki. I looked into it on the net and discovered that one of the main steps was to get rid of negative feelings. I wonder where she hid the feelings she had for me??? It is some scary, pagan stuff. She told my husband she was getting some relics to do long-distance prayers. The relics were mentioned online as well. I have no idea if she is still into this stuff. She never called after that and now that we moved, our phone number changed. I am sure if it was all that important to her to talk to her brother she would contact their other brother. I try to keep from talking about her when we are visiting them in Fl. Him and his wife are the other black sheep (or should I say---white?) in the family, though they still talk to the one sister who dislikes me.
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