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Author Topic: Money  (Read 5679 times)

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« on: June 29, 2006, 10:14:46 AM »

Hi Ray,
> I skimmed over a few of the articles that you wrote
> concerning tithing etc....and found them quite informative
> and I agree for the most part. Yet, I have a quick
> comment/question.
> Here are your reasons for why you do what you your
> order that I may comment.
> "This site is a ministry of love. We charge for nothing; we
> have nothing to sell; we ask for nothing. All we at
> bibletruths have full-time jobs to support both our families
> and this site. The site requires thousands of man hours and
> thousands of dollars annually to operate. It is FREE to
> all. And our goal is to teach the Truths of God as He has
> given us understanding. "
> When I read a statement like this you seemingly (maybe only
&g t; to me..) are trying to make a point regarding your work in
> teaching bible truths and not getting paid for it. I am
> just curious how you would bring understanding to the
> scripture in Gal 6:6 - that those who are taught would share
> (communicate - my understanding is to give..) with those who
> teach.... or....1 Tim 5 17. Don't these scriptures
> represent that it is actually biblical to get paid for
> sharing and teaching the word?
> I understand that Paul was a tentmaker too but he was a
> little put off by the Corinthian church (again it seems to
> me) in 1 Cor 9 11...and in verse 12 says that even though it
> is "right..." for him to recieve materially rom
> them......nevertheless for the gospel's sake he would
> "endure all things...". I understand...keep working -
> implication that if he didn't the gospel wouldn't move
> pforward from the lack of preople providing to him what was
> right to receive - money!
> In your concern with the gospel would it not be better (ie
> more profitable for the gospel) to get paid to do it and
> therefore be able to devote more time to it?
> It would seem to me that your comment on WHY this site is in
> operation comes across as a bit ....if I can be so bold
> (which I don't think you mind, reading your articles..!)
> jaded towards money and its place with the gospel.
> Just my take.....feel free to read and ignore, or repond.
> Thanks for your time and diligence in getting out gospel to
> a world that needs it!
> Ian

Dear Ian:

"Double honor" does not necessarily interpret to: "twice as large a paycheck.." The specific example given to support Paul's statement is to not muzzle the ox that treads out the corn.  Since when did farmers pay their ox with MONEY for their labor rendered?  You need to reaed the next chapter where Paul said that we should be content with "food and raimant." I personally believe with my whole heart that much of the utter corruption within the Church can be directly attributed to money and the love of MONEY by the clergy.

I have been devoting at least ten hours a day for most of the last years, in doing some form of God's work.  Since retiring, fourteen hours a day is not unusual. Do you really believe that more MONEY would enable me to work more?  We use money to advertise our site, and nothing else.  Of the one and a half million people who have come to our site, we have approximately ten regular contributors so that more can come. For this we are very thankful.  God will determine how far this site will reach and how many it will reach.  By the way, not one penny of contributions pass through my hands--I never see any money.  Paul said he set an example for us to FOLLOW.  I try to follow.   What others do is up to them.

God be with you,

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