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Author Topic: Hell's Gates Wide  (Read 5701 times)

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Hell's Gates Wide
« on: June 29, 2006, 10:17:51 AM »

Whaddup ,
> This just pop in my head , and since you tell me there is no HELL , or
> atleast the Lake of Fire isn't literal ( which I agree on ) How can this be
> ? How can there be a gate to hell that is wide , but a gate to heaven that
> is skinny ( especially if all are going to be saved !! ) I also want to ask
> , everyone including HITLER, PRESIDENTS that were down with the MASON aka
> FREEMONASRY religion and all the other evil guys in the world will be up in
> heaven with us all one day ? It always gets to me to see killers and
> murderers and such going to a place called HEAVEN . If that the way it is ,
> then I'll accept it . Hopefully I choosen the right way to see things . Well
> , hopefully you'll have the time to explain the gate's cause it been getting
> to me . Well God Bless and thank you for all the information you have
> supplied . Byron

Dear Byron:

Actually there is no "skinny gate to heaven," there is only a "strait gate" [difficult, narrow, and confined], and it leads to "life," not "heaven." (Matt. 713-14).  All those who in the past and presently go through the "broad way" will in Judgment also have to go through the "strait gate."  Paul was a murderer, you know?  He will be in God's kingdom.  I have never suggested that anyone is saved without first repenting and living a Godly life with Christ as their Lord and their Saviour.

God be with you,

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