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Author Topic: Aionos  (Read 4800 times)

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« on: June 29, 2006, 11:07:00 PM »

    Hi Ray,

    Sorry but I don't quite understand the page on "Aionios".  I don't understand what we are promised by God if we aren't going to live with him in the new kingdom without end.  I don't understand what immortality is if we don't live forever (by forever I don't mean without a beginning)

    Dear Christopher:

    I get thousands of emails just as confusing as yours.  I have never taught that we will not live with God "without end."  Where did I ever say such and unscriptural thing?  I have said that "aion/aionios" does not MEAN without end.  We DO live "forever," even though the Scriptures never use that word. We live "forever" (without end), not because the Scriptures USE THOSE WORDS, but because God gives us "immortality," and immortality means "death-less-ness."  When we have immortality, we will never ever die. But the WORD "immortality" does not MEAN  "forever," or "eternal." Nowhere in Scripture does God promise us "forever life" or "eternal life."  There is no such Scripture.  We are promised "eonian life."  When the eons end, however, we do not die or cease to exist. Why? Because we have IMMORTALITY.

    God be with you


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