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Author Topic: QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FATHER, SON AND holy spirit  (Read 4554 times)

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« on: August 07, 2010, 05:45:55 PM »

Dear Andy:

Thank you for your email and questions.  I'm afraid that I cannot go into much detail at present, although  I have spend
probably a couple of hundred hours on this subject this past year, and intend to write a paper on it in the future, but not
today. It will probbly be titled: "Is Jesus GOD?"

A couple of things: When I wrote that paper on the Trinity (about ten years ago), I unfortunately allowed myself to use terms
that trinitarians use (example, "person").  I have since spend many many hours in the Scriptures on the trinitarian use of
that word "person."  It is a most unforunate choice of words to describe God. Conclusion:  Jesus IS a person, whereas
His Father is NOT a person.  Don't have time to prove it now, but that's the truth.  And no, I do not teach that the Holy
Spirit OF God is a person.  I have no idea where you thought that I might be teaching that.

While it is true that Jesus did NOT say:  "I and My Father are One GOD," there nonetheless, needs further clarification
on that verse, which I did not cover in my paper. My new paper will be rather lengthy, I'm afraid, as the subject of the
divinity of Jesus is a huge subject.

Here is another point for you to ponder until my paper comes out (and no, it won't be in the six months, so don't be
looking for it any time soon).  Look at I Cor. 8:6 again.  Notice that it does not say, "But to us there is but one God, the Father."
(Period).  Nor does it say, "One Lord Jesus Christ." (Period).  There is more to consider.  Is this verse saying that "God the
Father" is the ONLY God," and that Jesus, therefore cannot also be "God?"  For sure Jesus can't be HIS OWN FATHER, but
can Jesus also be "the ONE God?"  Look at that first statement again, as it IS in the Scripture as I will re-emphasize the
words to make this one point:  "But to us there is but ONE God, the Father, OF WHOM ARE ALL THINGS."  There is only
One God, the Father,  OUT OF Whom ALL IS" (Concordant Literal New Testament and The Emphatic Diaglott).  Then

concerning Jesus we read:  "One Lord Jesus Christ, BY Whom are all things."
"Of" and "by" are two different words--"of" is applied to the Father, where as "by" is applied to the Son.  Actually the word
"by" is better translated "through," but that doesn't change the fact that they are different and are applied to different actions.

(See Rotherham's emphasized Bible, The Emphatic Diaglott, and The Concordant Literal New Testament for verification
of the word "through").  All creation is "OF" God the Father, but since Jesus was also created, not all creation is OF Jesus.
But the act of creation is attributed to Jesus (See I Collosians, etc.), hence it is "through" Jesus that all the things of creation
are brought into existence by or "through" Jesus Christ.
I'll have to end with that. As I said, this is a very large subject, but I will try to write on it in the future, God willing.

God be with you,

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