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Author Topic: Church  (Read 5304 times)

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« on: August 28, 2010, 09:57:49 AM »

Hi Mr Smith.

I am Very grateful once again to write you this little note and commend. Since I wrote to you in 2009, to thank you about tithing which I dinít agree with its teaching from the start. Now I am a free man with no guilt in heart. Now I know you donít attend any church. But may be you know of any church that is teaching the same message, that you are teaching, I have tried  for many years to find the church that Jesus built according to MT 16verse18. but to no avail each and every organizations are not teaching the whole truth of God.

I am very confused as I do have the family, that is looking up to me for spiritual guidance. Especially my children as the bible say we must teach them while they are still young, now I do know where to start.

Another thing I would like to thank you. Because since I started reading your writings, it is difficult to read other Christians books iam also looking up to you for spiritual guidance, always I read about your current condition. And I pray to God to keep you until you finish this good work you have started.

Sir you will bare with me, I am an African man in south Africa, not educated so English is not my language but I hope the holy spirit will help to explain what I am trying to say


Dear Abel:  I understand you problem with finding the Church that Jesus built.
It still exists, but not in the form and practice of what it was when Jesus started it.

But it was prophesied that it would go into apostasy (a falling away from the true
faith once delivered).  So from that "falling away" Church, God has been calling
OUT a people to restore and live by the original teachings of its founder--Jesus.

So don't be discouraged.  You may not find what you would think is the "True"
Church, but you have found the "TRUTH" of that original Church.  And remember,
our fellowship with the Called Out Elect is "IN SPIRIT."  And our fellowship and
worship of God is also "IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH" (John 4:21-24).  No thing or
no body can ever prevent you from worshiping God in "spirit and in truth"!

God be with you,



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