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Author Topic: Travel. Destiny. airports.  (Read 2651 times)

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Travel. Destiny. airports.
« on: October 10, 2010, 12:40:20 AM »

These is a short story about a guy whom had to flight from point --A to point --B. and that's it.

It's content is an example of destiny, life situations messing with statistics and probabilities, and of our freewill tattered.

So these guy  was just probably  like any other average passenger, he gets in time in the company of somebody else, then that somebodyelse says ''I hope you have a safe trip'' say bye and leave the airport, then he goes to make line and get his online purchased ticket- and wait for his flight, while another somebodyelse that is somewhere else is waiting for him to arrive at a certain hour.

While these guy is waiting, eating, letting time pass by, his ''just fixed'' pocket watch is telling him the time, the flight is departing at 8:30, around the same time that his watch decided to stop working. His inner clock tells him that is late, so he ask for the time and then start running, running  fast, then somebody by accident tell him the wrong gate, once he is there he have to run faster to the right gate...but it's too late! The guy is told by 'a young man assistant' that he will have to wait till the next day afternoon at 5pm, and that just then he will know if there will be monetary consequences before his next flight departs.

The day is over and the airport is way to far to go back with the somebodyelse that came in company with him. Good for him that he is not picky at all; one night at the huge airport should be not big deal.

Waiting times for him where not so bad, they frequently clear out the mind. After reading outside on a bench  for a while, he went to the toilet, then he got a hot chocolate. Then a young girl asked him where did he got the hot chocolate since she wanted one as well, he tell her where and then he seat down.        Then after she gets her chocolate she comes and seat not too far from him and she start talking. he treat her kindly and respectfull.    She was also waiting for a flight till the next day. After an introductory casual chat and telling a little regarding their backgrounds, He decides to go to sleep to another part of the airport, (where it was peaceful and where it was a nice carpet), Then since she somehow trust him fast,    she wanted to follow him,   since she was alone. He didn't cared.  He was treating her as a young sister. Before sleeping She told him that she was very glad to met him because she was scared of sleeping by herself. he said that the next day would be a long day of waiting  and told her 'good night'.

The next day At the afternoon she went to check in her bags and left to the mall before departing. Main while He have to take a plane, and he was in time, he was prepared, he was willing to take these flight with all his heart, because somebody else very far from there was waiting for him. He then was told that he had to pay and extra fee of 75..., and since he had no cash enough with him, he decided to use his new debit card, the card didn't work to pay the fee directly, then he ran to the ATM, the card didn't work at the ATM after he tried several times, the card was automatically canceled- destiny wanted  to be these way; he had just lost his flight again.
            So he went back to the place of the nice carpet, he have much to think about, he believed that everything happens for a good reason and after these event, he didn't thought about things getting worst.
While he was seating and thinking, the 'young man assistant' -that watched him losing his flight twice- was passing trough and told him; ''did you know that the next flight to your destination is in four days from now?'' then 'the young man assistant' also said 'good luck' and left.
 Well, he now knew that his next flight was in four days from then, inevitable he was starting to get
a little frustrated, and having some DESPAIR.
Then the young girl whom was from a region called germany, appeared to say bye to him since she was leaving soon. At the times when he most needed a little of consolation and a distraction, she was there, she talked and told storys to him for some moments as if they had more time of knowing each other and then also said good luck and left.
Then, while he was seated by himsef again, After much thinking, sending emails on his laptop and rethinking his options, he decided to keep waiting at the airport for the next four days, because he was too far from the somebodyelse that came with him a day before and because he hadn't much cash left, and because he also had the understanding that his debit card would get automatically activated the next day. so His thoughts where now in order and he was tyred enough to have a very good and deserved sleep.
           The next day, he got up, went to the bathroom,  red for a while, had breakfast, and tried to use the ATM many times a day -and it failed again and again. So then he start thinking about new options and new plans, he also tryed to find somebody at the airport that could gyved him a good advance, he only got a useless advance and another 'good luck'.       
   However, despising the bad, he was not in despair anymore, these guy had still hopes to get out of these one and get into his destination at the day that he had told to the somebodyelse that was waiting for him very far away, he didn't wanted to make them wait any longer and cause a bad impression. So He had a new plan for the next day and a couple more options in storage.

And the next day, after breakfast, he took a local bus to the closest town, and then started touring it, but not like an average tourist. These medium sized town had some streets full of businesses and movement. And after much walking and asking for a job, he was advanced by a hardworker to walk a couple miles to a place where they supposedly used to give jobs for a day, the young hard worker of dark skin also told him that he used to work at a factory and that for the way they used to pay him, he had already waste all the profit that he had just work for, before he even receive it, then he also told him that that these is hell, while he was eating a pizza on the streets.         
                              Now The guy was walking the noisy streets, tyred of 'good lucks' and tyred of walking much, he told to himself, ''these is not hell, these is my lake of fire''!
Finally he got into The place that he was recomended, but before getting in, he decided to go get some food. While he was eating a hot dog, he met somebody that offered him a job; a merchant that used to sell cooking utensils at a merch table on a market place once a week, next day would be it. So the next day he went with the merchant to help him to sell his stuff at the market place, the merchant was very good at his job, after a long day and much sun, the merchant gyved him 25... , he was not sure what to think about that, the merchant ask him 'is that amount okay with you?' then he replied him; 'if you think that these is right, then I guess it's okay', Then the merchant told him that he should go to the town the next day since it was going to be a big fair where he could get a job. (and Of course that he didn't told the merchant about his unusual ''waiting situation'', these was a bussines relationship and he didn't want to mix personal little problems with the market).

The next day he got back to the town, these guy still didn't have enough to pay the ticket fee. A new shiny day full of expectations and uncertainties, at 10am all the merch tables or booths where being installed on the streets, so he start asking from the beginning of the fair. On the third booth that he asked, witch used to sell traditional food from an Hispanic region, he was told that he would only get 50... for working the whole day , he gladly agreed, and worked hard, running errands the whole day, at the end of the day he was given 70... and was told that he should go back to work there the next day since the fair was during two days. He did went back, but only for a little while since he had a flight to catch.

He was happy, it was all set up, the peaces seemed to be falling just in place, he was in the airport, at time of course, with more than enough to pay the fee and with a sense of gratefulness and satisfaction, of course he was still aware, circumstances seemed to change for him just as fast as the numbers on his wallet. So he step in front of the same 'young man assistant', and paid the fee, the 'young man assistant' says okay, received it, look at the computer and says ''Oh, it seems that now there is another fee of 40... plus the 75..., I am sorry'', not surprised after all, he tells to the 'young man assistant'; ''okay I will pay it, I worked and got some extra money in the town'', the 'young man assistant' then said ''just take these note I will make for you and you don't have to pay these another fee, have a nice flight'', then the guy told to the 'young man assistant' that he had a long letter to write to the airline (even so he was not really going to spend his time writting to an airline).

Once on the air, he was greatfull and very tyred, many other little good and bad things happened at these unusual delay of a flight. He was not looking for adventures, he used to hate adventures. He was not looking for problems, he hopefully got some patience. And What happened after all these mess? Well, he slept the rest of the long long flight and once on his destination, he made some calls and got activated his debit card again. But Think about it, these story is not really about putting more attention, having more control, being more wary, sometimes these ''being more and more and more wary'' is annoying, No, these is about limitations, about following the line that has already been draw before us, it is an opportunity to remind us to don't take anything for granted and to confirm us that every little thing goes according to the will of God almighty .  






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Re: Travel. Destiny. airports.
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 07:09:00 AM »

Hi Moises !

Thank you Brother for a very absorbing story.  I think we can all relate to similar testing. You have a good style of narrative and I like the pace at which you write.
I really enjoyed reading your previous travelogues. Sometimes your spellings are amusing ! , but I don't speak any other language than my own so I salute you for the effort !  Keep up the good work, you tell a good story. And keep posting !
These things are an encouragement when we feel that life's unfair and everything seems to be going 'belly up'.
Isn't it comforting to know that against the awesome backdrop of the cosmos, God is still in control of even the tiniest aspect of our lives?

Thank you my Dear Brother
I wish you His Rich Blessings in all your journeys.

Grape x


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Re: Travel. Destiny. airports.
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2010, 08:12:55 AM »

Dear Moises

And you took a bus to travell from Mexico, just to attend one of Ray's Conferences!..four day trip wasn't it?.... What our brother Grape expresses, couldn't be better said!

I really enjoy your encapsulating the essence of how and what God is moving through your life in the bold print conclusion that is uplifting, edifying and very beautiful to keep in front our our hearts and minds as God stears all of our respective lives.

I know that fire of circumstances that chop and change, challenge and manifest to sweep us off our feet!!

Blessings to you dear brother. Are you still in London?

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Re: Travel. Destiny. airports.
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2010, 10:14:16 AM »

I appreciate the comments.

What an story of that guy!...

  Yes, I am still on the UK.



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Re: Travel. Destiny. airports.
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2010, 04:12:28 PM »

thanks for your comment janine.

and about your question;

    I don't have all that imagination. ---The intention of telling the story these way was to add some mystery, but now that you ask...
 I guess the mystery is gone.

(No problem. Maybe I should even gave more historcal background to the story)


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Re: Travel. Destiny. airports.
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2010, 10:23:22 AM »

Hi Moises,

That was a very interesting read, even with the limitations of your English, it was a compelling read and sure reads like a Novel, have you considered writing one. But as much as you have veiled this, I know who the central character is... I however did not know that you passed through such a travail to get to UK, I remember how you came to the Mobile, Alabama conference last year and can only are such an enduring character.

It was indeed splendid meeting up with you in London and the memory is shared below:

Note--Unfortunately I could not post picture (even at 61kb) got server full error message...
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