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Author Topic: Cults  (Read 5065 times)

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« on: February 05, 2011, 09:38:09 PM »

Dear Ray,

You say in part 2 in the lake of fire series that "Do they believe there are many cults today that need exposing? Yes. But do they teach that Christendom, by its OWN definitions, is also a cult? No." How are they a cult by their own definitions?

If you can not or wish not to answer, I understand that you are busy working on papers. You have come out with some great papers that have shown me some great spiritual truths. May God bless your ministry and allow you to write many more great papers.


Dear Patrick:  My short answer to this question is:  Get yourself a number of books
on cults and cultism such as Bob Larson's book, Larson's New Book of Cults
published by Tyndale House Publishers.  Then read their characteristics of a cult,
and meditate on how perfectly these characteristics fit the theology of orthodox
Christianity. An example would be Doctrinal Confusion.  These authors will tell
you that a cult will try to shake your faith by presenting to you doctrines or teachings
which are confusion and contradictory.  Now then,  ss there a religion on earth that
has more "doctrinal confusion" than that of Christendom?  As I have stated for many years now:  "Christianity is a religion of endless Scriptural contradictions."
Hope this helps.

God be with you,


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