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Author Topic: Languages  (Read 3924 times)

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« on: July 07, 2006, 09:56:14 AM »

Dear mr. Smith, the bible teaches us "that in all thy getting, get understanding," now it is apparent that you have thorough knowledge of the bible and what it says. However it is clear that you have not yet gotten and understanding. And in response to your question concerning the power of the holyghost, i have indeed met a person who has spoken in multiple languages without any previous knowledge. Im the person and its pretty safe to say that i know myself well enough to verify. God has put a flame to my tongue so intensely that when the spirit giveth utterance, i begin to speak languages that i cant even recognize. Mr. Smith, i will be praying  that God manifest himself to you in ways that will cause you to believe. I dont know about you but i serve an awesome God who is mighty and just. His mercy endureth forever. I pray that time does not cut you short mr.Smith for if it does, you will lift up your eyes in hell, and then you will see that YOU are the one who has been deceived. WARNING comes before destruction my friend, and a haughty spirit before a fall. I love you and so does God
I'll be keeping you in my prayers,
in his hands,
p.s. dont worry about responding, if you feel the need to go ahead, i just wanted to let you know the truth.

Oh Latrice, wild horses couldn't keep me from responding.  You say that you spoke in languages that not even you could recognize.  I'll bet you did, too.  And there is a spiritual source for such gibberish. I try to stay clear of such spirits.  Maybe it's just me, Latrice, but I thought that I detected maybe just the slightest little "haughty spirit" in your email. Hopefully you will have only a "small fall." And thank you for all that encouragment about being deceived and going to hell and all.
Sincerely, (partially)
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