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Author Topic: Happy  (Read 2156 times)

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« on: July 08, 2006, 02:14:36 PM »

    the historical koran scholors just found out their own mistranslation that the word HUR means virgins, as in what you will get in paradise when you die, instead of WHAT IT REALLY MEANS = WHITE GRAPES.............. i'm in hysterics with laughter...........  our wonderful Father has SUCH a sense of humor.......  even in these last days.
    LOVE your site, have for about three months, need to finish reading all though.  i have been given to connect the dots for about twenty years.  your insight gave me the icing on the cake!!!  VICTORY!!!!  OVER ALL!!!  so glad for what you've been given with His Word and the bit of a puzzle thereof.  and, YOU ARE A DEFINITE SCHOLAR!!!  A+ in intellectual ability on top of what you've been given.
    i've only read some and immediately have ancillary [about 20+] questions, but ya know, it's been given to me to answer them myself [wink wink nudge nudge, WE KNOW HOW THESE THINGS WORK] following the line of the THOUGHTS GIVEN.  SO NO QUESTIONS FOR NOW!
    GOD BLESS YOU RAY!  your site has brought me to tears more than once.  SO BEAUTIFUL!
    i am a 52-year-old female taking care of my almost 90-year-old WWII navy vet father in my home, have for 4 years.  he is healthy, has alzheimer's.  i had previously taken care of my husband for 4 years until he passed in 99, who also was healthy but only had alzheimer's.  i havnt worked and am not wealthy [although He has settled me] since 1997.  TALK ABOUT BEING CALLED OUT!
    born and raised catholic but always proclaimed i never felt so, read bible age 32, joined SDAs for two years but dropped it, "the nicest bunch of fanatics i've ever met", was determined to get to Truth at beginning of this year, oddly, on THE INTERNET ......  fell into RCG's website for a short while then yours  [wink wink nudge nudge]...........
    i am your best advertiser, making slips of paper with a nature sticker and simply your web address on it then placing in spots wherever i go..........  hoot!
    will read more of your insights, i print them then read while highlighting in my father's room.........  please dont forget about writing more... The Parables, and i could never find Hell Part D as mentioned, also The [His] Bride, and more.  MILLIONS OF THANKS!!!!!

    Dear Janice.
    Could you show a little more enthusiasm, please?  Wow, it's 5 am and you have aleady made my day. God bless you. Hell Part D will come eventually. I have had a few minor problems to take care of this winter, but all is well.
    God be with you,

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