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Author Topic: Your Doctrines  (Read 5787 times)

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Your Doctrines
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:41:18 PM »

Dear Ray,

I had never intended to use this email account for interaction, as you can probably tell from my address. However, I read your site and I simply had to comment on it.

Your teachings on sin are so overwhelmingly stupid that I don't see how you and your little group of followers can possibly fail to see the obvious in them. However, since it appears you cannot, I will point them out:

You claim that sin is a "necessary evil"; a tool created by and used by God to "teach us". This is so stupid by your theology that I barely know where to begin. For starters, why exactly does God need to teach his sock-puppets (which is what we are, according to you) anything whatsoever? He is omnipotent, which by definition means he can do anything, which logically includes teaching without pain, or simply instantly conveying the desired information via divine fiat. If this is the case, then he could instantly skip the painful lesson that he is supposedly teaching his children via judgments at whatever moment he desires. What father would ever consider causing his child pain if he could snap his fingers and get the same affect? Only one who enjoyed his child's pain. After all, according to you God could cause you to conclude from stubbing your toe on a chair that it is a good idea to shove live, rabid weasels down your throat. After all, he is "sovereign" (which according to you means in absolute control of everything and everyone, at all times and places).

The only plausible explanation for the existence of pain in your theology is this: that God likes and enjoys his own children's agony. After all, he could cease it in a nanosecond, instantly imparting everything we need to know by divine fiat. But he doesn't. Why? If I am to believe you then I can only conclude that he enjoys pain and suffering. He causes it unnecessarily (there can be no necessity on an all-powerful being, after all) and refuses to help at all. Such is known as "cruelty". Those who practice it for pleasure ("I have created all things for my pleasure") are known as "sadists". I must therefore conclude that God is one, since he created pain for his own pleasure. After all, according to you the universe is one big sham, a puppet show put on to deceive the puppets in the longest-running, sickest joke there ever was.

If you are right, I would bet everything I have that God intends to damn you, me, and everyone else to an eternity of torture just for fun. Why not? After all, he shows every sign of being an utter sadist right now, and "I am the Lord, I change not". If he has no regrets for unnecessarily torturing his children now, why would he in eternity? Oh, and that little sham at Calvary? It was just another part of the puppet-show, intended to give the little delusional puppets like you false hope, which every sadist invariably finds terribly amusing.

If you think you can refute this (by logic, Ray, not Scriptures that come from a sadistic sociopath), then respond. I'd really love to hear.


Dear Kathy:  WOW!  And you call MY teachings and beliefs stupid!!
"Sock-puppets" is your term for humanity not mine.  I believe the Scriptures,
and I teach the Scriptures, so don't tell me to to not use the Scriptures. Here
is what humanity is as opposed to your "sock-puppet" theory:

Psa 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knows right well.

Yes, God can do what He wants, as He pleases, and that is exactly
what He is doing. The problem with you is that you do not approve
of the way God does things.  Who says that God can  accomplish
His plan by snapping His finger (divine fiat)?  Who says that God
can make square circles?  Who says that God can develop "patience,"
INSTANTLY?  Who says that God CAN lie, when He Himself says
that He CANNOT lie: (Tit 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that
CANNOT LIE, promised before the world began)?

You are not the first person to conclude that God (or maybe another
different God) could have made the earth and humanity, very different,
better, faster, without pain, without trials, etc.  This world is what it
is, and criticizing it, or the God Who made it, will not change it.  What
you see is what you get.  You may not like it (which decidedly you do
not), and for sure you don't understand it, but you will be obligated to
live in it and through it, regardless.  And I for one, believe that you
really will like the purpose, goal, and consummation of the whole
marvelous journey.

God be with you,
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  • There are two kinds of cops.The quick and the dead
Re: Your Doctines
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 06:44:04 PM »

Dear Ray,

You proved absolutely nothing. God declares himself to be omnipotent ("The Lord God omnipotent reigns"). This means he can do absolutely anything. After all, that's what omnipotence is. Yes, that includes square circles, hot ice, and making 2 + 2 = 5.

You quote a scripture saying that God cannot lie. Funny thing, he repeatedly sends lying spirits, whom he created for that purpose, to deceive. He formed them to be liars and controls everything about them, including what they say, do, and think. This is the same relationship as I have to a sock-puppet.Therefore, they are his sock-puppets. If I held a sock-puppet up to your face and had it tell you something utterly untrue, did the sock-puppet lie, or did I? Any reasonable mind will conclude that I did, and the sock-puppet is innocent of wrongdoing. Therefore, since lies exist and God is their creator and controller (which means he is completely responsible for them) then he seems to be able to lie quite nicely. Of course, liars will rarely admit they are. That's what makes them liars, after all. I judge no one by their words, and everyone by their actions. God does not escape this.

"Consummation"? You mean the one where I (according to orthodox Christianity) get thrown in eternal fires? Or the one where I (according to you) get brainwashed and forced to praise the one who stripped away everything I had from now til the end of time? Oh joy.

I wish that the atheists were right. At least their nightmare universe will eventually end. If I believe you, then the nightmare will go on forever and ever.


Dear Kathy:  Yes, of course, God is "responsible" for His whole creation, and He therefore
takes responsibility.  In judgment all wrongs will be righted.  But no, God does not make
square circles.  Lying has its purposes.  It depends on the motive. Rahab lied about the spies
and it was counted to her as righteousness, seeing that she saved lives.  Lying to harm others
without any redeeming value or purpose, is of course a sin and will be judged. The
commandment is not against lying, but rather against "bearing false witness against a neighbor."

As for an eternity of hell fire, etc., there is no such thing.  The Scriptures know nothing regarding
"eternity."  The word  "eternal" or an word having for a definition "endless time," was unknown
of anywhere on earth before the second century, and by then the manuscripts were all completed.
There is coming a period of judgment, but not an eternity of judging, and not by a literal fire.  I
take comfort in knowing that God will not lie to those who obey Him.  But coming up with clever
little arguments like: "Can God create a rock so heavy that He can't lift it?" is total nonsense.

I have always taught that before you love God you will hate God.  The longer I live, the more
assured I am that that is true. By the way, the word "omnipotent" does not mean "the ability
to do absolutely anything," as you suggest.  It means sovereign or unlimited power or
authority.  I'm not quit sure just how much power and authority it takes to lie, but regardless,
God can't do it.  Of the ten times that "pantokrator" appears in the Greek Scriptures, only
once is it translated "omnipotent."  The other nine times it is translated "almighty." 

Anyway, not to worry--God has it all figured out, and all is going to be well.  Why not concentrate
on the positive side of life.  Do you not find life worth living?  I personally enjoy my life, even
though I am seventy years old and battling stage iv terminal bone cancer.  My PSA which
should be zero (five to ten is dangerously high), is now 750.  I have a wonderful wife, a
marvelous little Shih tzu puppy, four great kitties, and a web site that enables me to share
the Word of God with millions of of people around the world.  I'm sure you have had some
very very bad experiences in life, and you therefore has cause to feel discourage about things,
but really, there really is a grand purpose and plan for the entire human race, and everything is
right on schedule. Things will be great in the end, and as Paul said:
Rom 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time
are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be
revealed in us.

God be with you, Kathy


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