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Author Topic: Truth  (Read 3861 times)

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« on: March 30, 2011, 04:52:49 PM »

Greetings brother, and the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you as you fight the good fight.  i haven't read everything on your site yet, but i will and God bless you in what you are doing.

when i was 9years old some friends of my parents took me to a church where they were showing a movie called "the burning hell".  i spent the next 20 years in fear, terror, horrible failure and sadness.  no matter how many times i tried, i could not get myself "saved" and i "knew" that if i died without being "saved" i would burn in hell for "eternity" and many times when i couldnt find my mother in the house i thought Jesus came back and i was left because i never managed to get "saved".... nobody knew or understood the torment i was in.  when i think about that poor little girl, afraid to go to sleep at night, i get so mad at those christians.

it started to change once i was a parent as you can imagine.  my Father wouldn't burn me in hell on a technicality, would He?  so i started to study and i have been studying and praying for almost 15 years now.  when i stopped believing in a monster God who would torture most of his creation for no good outcome, my own brother said "she will believe it when she wakes up there."  i have often thought, "if these folks really believed what they say, they would be trying every way to get the word out!"  but instead, they sell God.  lately i have prayed to find somebody else who knows the true LOVING nature of God and not the evil, monster who would burn little children forever.  thru the magic of google, i found bible-truths.

i know you have many people who read your work, but those are only a fraction of all, and most who call themselves christian believe they serve an evil god. 
no need to answer, i know you are very busy and i don't need anything.  i know.

Dear Robin:  Well we are glad you found us. Welcome aboard!
Of course many Christian theologians, pastors, and teachers
would deny that God sends children to an eternal hell of torture.
On the other hand there are those who reach multiple millions
with their weekly and daily television programs, who do teach
that God will send boys and girls to an eternal hell.  Here from
the lips of world renowned pastor and educator, John Hagee, and
I quote:  "Every man, every woman, EVERY BOY, AND EVERY
GIRL who dies without knowing Jesus Christ spends AN ETERNITY
in a city where THE FIRE IS NEVER QUENCHED and the worm
dieth not."  (CAPS are mine) 

Even for those who do not teach that
God sends boys and girls to an eternal hell, there is the little matter
of God sending MOST of their mothers and fathers; grand mothers
and grand fathers;  and dearly loved friends and relatives to an
eternal hell of insane suffering and torture.  Thank God He is
making a way to spread the truth on these vital subjects.
God be with you,
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