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Author Topic: is there any value atall in the teachings of hell believing christendom?  (Read 4248 times)

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What they don't know is what we are all leaning now. We have been blessed to find or be led to discover some of the hidden treasure cloaked in the Scriptures that they have yet to be let in on.
I want to say I really agree with the wisdom in this statement.
Peace to you all

Shawn Fainn

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I wouldn't say that they know nothing. They definitely know something, they know a lot of stuff.

They know the words but don't understand how it all fits together. Understanding what it's all about and our (humanity) purpose is what WE have been blessed with.

Like someone mentioned on the forum awhile back, once God started to reveal the Truth to them... how "all the Scriptures seem to dovetail together and harmonize now". I loved that statement because it pretty much sums it up for me.
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