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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 5753 times)

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« on: July 09, 2006, 04:01:41 PM »

Ray ... to say that I stumbled onto your web page may not be correct... God does direct from time to time .. I am a 59 year old man . from Bangor, Maine , living and working in Venice Florida.. selling Real Estate here.    I come from a strong religious upbringing ( stupid looking word) and would never have thought to read the crap that you are writing , until, of course , I actually did. There has always been within me a suspicion that what I had been taught in Church and Sunday school ( you should see the length of those pins I still have for attendance) was NOT QUITE RIGHT.
 How could a loving God burn two thirds of his children, a Father would never punish his kids for eternity in the worst possible way. Burning, even if it is spiritual, should be very unpleasent. Nasty. That is what I have always secretly believed, that something is wrong here. Your web page and articles are, for me, a way to allow me to see the thoughts I thought I had. Make sense ? I too believe that scripture is the explanation. the bible explains it self if we let it. You have taken it to a new level. Thank God ! I pray for this insight , but seems the prayer has been answered.
I have spent hours and hours and hours reading and digesting your writings, along with comments. I have gone to other web pages to see what others have said, I have encouraged other Christians that are my friends to look over your material and give me their thoughts. You would be amazed, I was, and shocked, I was , at the responses when suggesting: that Lazuras and the Rich man is a parable
that God will save all
that free will is not so free
that the lake of fire is not a place of eternal torment
that Jesus did not want to deal with the " others"
that the beast in Rev. is us
just to mention a few topics that are not " in the box "  one of my good friends told me he knows that there is a hell... and refused to read anything that misses or should I say messes with his teachings.
Ray .. thinking out of the box is not an acceptable alternative to mewing along with the masses, you know it !  however, it seems that you are on a mission that you do have a goal and that God is definitely in your life. Good.
I will continue to study are works and to verify as much as I can with open mind and anxious heart. I love the word of God and I love to get it right .
So .. where is the problem with Christians who believe that there is a judgement, and that it is harsh and permanent. and that God's law is perfect in conversion. we believe that Jesus is our way to salvation. we believe that no man comes to Jesus except through God. we believe that this conversion is helped with witnessing once the person is ready, we believe that " back sliding is a problem, and we believe that lacking a fear of God most are not motivated to continue with A life of salvation . I have see much of the material that " the way of the master" has produced. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, heard of them ? they have a good idea .. but the trouble starts with the fear of punishment - hope of reward issues.
heres the point , if God saves ALL , and if the lake of fire is consuming the sin after judgement and what's left is what God wants .. and knowing man's character, how do they , we get to salvation and not " back slide " if there is forgiveness no matter what we do. Knowing right from wrong helps, conscience helps, but I see success in scaring the Jesus into people, to help turn their lives... Drug addicts and alcohol abusers accept this concept to help get out of the pit they are in . I have experience with this within my family. It works !
You see .. even though God saves all ... I wonder out loud if God really wants ALL to know that. Christains all over the world teach that there is " hell to pay " for sin. and if you reject Jesus there is no salvation . So Ray..........what is the punishment ?
A person rapes and murders a child. He is standing before the white throne, and God _______________________________________________________ !
Perhaps we can still help God bring people to Jesus, tools may change for me, but help with that at some point.
God Bless You ... never mind He already has


Dear Paul:
Of course there WILL BE "hell to pay" for the raptist!  There will, indeed be, "MANY STRIPES" beaten upon the wicked ("It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God" Heb. 10:31).  But it will not last for all eternity, and it will produce a desired and righteous destiny. The unscriptural christian hell  supposeldy lasts for eternity and produces not one iota of redeaming value.
God be with you,
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