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Author Topic: Name  (Read 4802 times)

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« on: July 01, 2011, 08:17:38 AM »

Dear Carlos:  There is some truth to what you say (not all, however) regarding the
formulation of the name "Jesus" over the centuries.  However, that being so, does NOT
make all of your statements regarding the use of the name "Jesus" valid.  I will make a
few COMMENTS in your statements below:

in Strong's concordance #3686 onomah is a Greek word that means name, which also means authority and character.
in the above scripture it says the name that is above every name. in other words the authority and character of the person bearing the name that is mentioned, if the name were truly Jesus then it would be by that authority that is in that name. but since Jesus is a man made name that has only been in existences for about 300 to 400 years and if names do not translate for one tongue to another which I believe they do not, then the authority and character of the name Jesus would not reflect the same authority and character as the name Yesu.

COMMENT:  I don't believe that.  Millions of professing Christians have come to Christ (is there a problem with this title also?) as
their Saviour, who had no idea whatsoever what the meaning of the Messiah's name was originally, or the proper meaning of it.
Therefore, does that mean that they faith was in vain?  Where they worshiping a FALSE CHRIST?  Is there something special,
and holy about all those members of so-called "Holy Name Societies?"  Are they closer to Christ?  Are they more righteous?  When
such believers use the name "Christ," "Emmanuel," "Messiah," "Son of Man," or "Lord" & "God" (as in when Thomas said: "My LORD and my GOD"--John 20: 28), are they then operating in the realm of the True "Saviour," but when they slip up and maybe
occasionally use the name "Jesu," they are then believing in a false Saviour, a false God?  Some Internet sources would have us believe that the name (your name) "Carlos" means: "The God of Bad Luck."

let me give and example, my name is Carlos and that's what my children know me by, so my name Carlos reflects me the person my character and my authority, if some one was to change my name then they are changing my character and authority. so if people started calling me Larry then even though you are looking at the some person that was called Carlos now that some person has a new authority and character. therefore my children would not be under the authority of Carlos which they know and obey. but would be under a different authority they would be under the authority of Larry and what that name means. so it would be the same in the case of Yesu and Jesus.

COMMENT:  Some Internet sources would have us believe that the name (your name) "carlos" means: "The God of Bad Luck."

 Jesus is not the name that was give to the man the son of God, so if one believes in the name of Jesus they are believing on another authority, an authority of man and not of God.

COMMENT:  I totally disagree with that statement as I commented above.  I would be careful about accusing all people who use the name "Jesus" of being guilty of believing in (which would then also include "worshiping") "an authority of man and NOT OF GOD."

If you still think that it does not matter what name is used then take this example into consideration: Lets say you work for me, Carlos, and you have been working for me for a few months and I have been paying you with a check and you have been able to cash that check with no problem, but if I  change my name and if the bank is not notified then when I pay you and you go to cash the check they will not cash it for you because the name Carlos that gave authority is not on that check any more. That's why it has to be important to believe and use the correct name that has the true authority other wise you wont get what you should be getting, you will either get nothing or you will get a counterfeit

COMMENT:  Again, Carlos, I would be careful about accusing people of believing in a "counterfeit" God because they use a form of a name that is not
approved of by all Bible Students.  And your analogy is more than weak, it is blatantly false.  I you issue me a check payable at a bank that does not
have an account corresponding to the one on the check you issued me, it is not my problem; it is not I who am in big trouble, but rather YOU!  I believe
that would come under the category of BANK FRAUD, for which you could be facing a jail sentence.

I was told nearly three years ago that I have stage iv terminal prostate and metastasized bone cancer.  My PSA was 750 when last checked. I have bone cancer and tumors through my entire skeleton.  Not to worry--JESUS to the rescue.  Yes, I said "JESUS"--"J  E   S   U   S, Jesus."  People around the world
have been praying for me "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" for God to keep me alive so that I can continue to teach them and anyone else who will listen, about
our marvelous Saviour, "JESUS."  I sincerely believe (as God as my sole Judge) that there is power in the name of "Jesus."  I'm sorry (and feel sorry for you) as apparently you don't.

 I firmly believe that you are sincere in your belief, Carlos, but I believe that you are sincerely wrong.  I have also been condemned by Sacred Name people
for years because I don't use the proper Biblical name for Jesus' Father.  When I ask those same people what was that name for His Father is that I have
failed to use, I received nothing in reply.  So in one case I emailed this one person back every week for I don't know how long, asking him to just tell
me what "Name" Jesus called His Father in the New Testament Scriptures?  I never received an answer, and I stopped asking.

The apostle whom Jesus loved admonished us of the following:  "If there come any unto you, and bring not THIS DOCTRINE, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed" (II John 1:10). John did not warn against someone coming with the wrong spelling of Jesus' name.

God be with you, Carlos,


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