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Author Topic: Fellowship  (Read 4996 times)

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« on: July 01, 2011, 08:19:13 AM »

Peace and blessings Mr. Smith;
As I don't know your latest health condition, (and it is a concern to me) please know that my prayer to God is that He will bring you back to full health. I have learned much from your forum and youtube teachings, that I count myself mightily blessed by you, (thank you Father). The thing that troubles me though, is lack of fellow brothers and sisters with whom to grow with. Mind you, I don't have a problem at all with praying and reading my bible and having a wonderful relationship with my loving Father; it's just that I really would appreciate having fellowship with a brother or sister that wasn't a closed-minded-denominationally-indoctrinated-simpleton, (God bless them). I do attend church for my kids and wife's sake, but I personally end up most of the time just "sucking on milk". I don't really share my God-given truths unless asked, and that ends up mostly just raising eye brows when I do, (no edification here) so I just keep quite and go with the flow...hence my spiritual loneliness. God Bless you Mr. Smith.

Your brother in charity,

PS  I'm sorry to be a bother to you, especially when I suspect you may not be feeling well, please forgive me.

Dear Louis:  Yes, I know how hared it is to not have fellowship with like-mided Believers.
There is little I can do in this department.  You can write me, however, I cannot answer all
emails anymore.  You can visit our discussion Forum, which is the only way that most can
stay in contact with other Believers.  You can attend my in-home Bible Studies if you are
in my area.  And you can attend our regional Bible Conferences that we hold mostly in
either Mobile, or Nashville, Tenn. 

There are some small groups who meet for their own bible studies around the country and
around the world.  There is one such group in Australia (albeit that's a pretty large country)
another in Great Britain, etc.  You would have to inquire on our Forum and make your
desire known as to whether there may be a group in your area.  Sorry I can't do more.

God be with you,


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