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Author Topic: Hell?  (Read 5627 times)

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« on: July 12, 2006, 11:14:09 AM »

Dear Ray,
When I first found your site, I was in the process of "exposing those who contradict" in MY church. Not a pretty sight. I left.
Upon visiting again later, I was honestly surprised at their anger and hatred. The truth is, THEY were the same as before.
I was the one who had changed. God is GOOD!
Previous to visiting your web site, I had started to think I may be the only person who WANTED the whole human race to be freed from sin. I kept meeting people who were lost, and no matter how hard I tried, was unable to help them. This began to sadden me beyond words. Many, many tears would follow. The thought of these precious people who I loved with all my heart  suffering such misery in Hell was such a BURDEN. It is a comfort to see that someone else believes as I WANTED to believe, that MY God would never do such a thing. I now have the courage to say it and to ebrace it!
 God is VERY good!
I Love Gods people, nothing is more precious to me.
I believe that you may share this concept. I am grateful to you for the effort that you obviously put into this. I believe that much of what you explain is true. I am reading your site again, as it has expanded since my last visits.

Because of many new truths God has given me, I am now sorting it all out again!
I have one question for you. I haven't come across this topic yet on your site, so forgive me if it is redundant.
As far as Hell:
Could earth, as it is, be representing this for us as we pass through it in the flesh? I ask this because a study group that I am familiar with believes that earth, is our "Hell". They believe we (mankind) are in Hell now.
If you ever have the time, could you point me to the correct topic on your site that would explain this.
Thank you and God bless all.

Dear Chuck:
 There is no "hell" as taught by Christendom, and so it is futal to try and figures out where or what it is. What this is, is JUDGMENT, not hell, and I have written hundreds of pages of material on this subject in my "Lake of Fires" series and elsewhere. You need to read and study it carefully.  Especially read: "TWO JUDMENTS BY FIRE."
God be with you,
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