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Author Topic: Ray on Drugs  (Read 5887 times)

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Ray on Drugs
« on: July 12, 2006, 11:15:40 AM »

I've read several of your lake of fire articles and the only conclusion I can come to is:
1) you are on some form of reality altering medication
2) you are unable to comprehend scripture or
3) your are an antichrist (with a small a)
You contradict yourself and scripture, your articles remind me of someone who has some serious issues maintaining a grasps of reality..
I will pray for you and those you are leading away from Christ.
This is not my Judgement, it is my Discernment of you and your teachings.
God Bless
By the way, Satan exists, the lake of fire exists, I have been under attack more than once by the demons of hell and will be again... But I always win, for greater is He who is me than he who is in the world...
Did the Son of God come to us in the flesh?

Dear Sam:
I noticed that like the tens of thousands of detractors that have written me before you, you have not shown even ONE EXAMPLE of what you are talking about.
Where is the example, that I "contradict myself and the Scriptures?"  Where?  I have challenged hundreds of self-righteous, scripturally ignorant detractors to show me ONE EXAMPLE of where I have "contradicted myself or the Scriptures," and so far?  Nothing.  Quote ONE STATMENT of mine from any of my articles. Then quote TWO SCRIPTURES that disprove my statement.  Fair enough?  You can no more do that than you can fly straight up.  You are all hot air.  You are all talk.  You cannot put your money where your mouth is.
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