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Author Topic: Press Release  (Read 5334 times)

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Press Release
« on: August 28, 2011, 10:32:04 PM »

I found this on the Internet the other day and thought you might find it interesting:


(  June 19, 2010 --

A California Real Estate agent, Bill Wiese, claims that on November 22, 1998 he was taken in the middle of the night to a literal burning hell; the Christian hell, the hell he believes is taught in the Holy Bible.  The experience was so profound that in 2006 he published a book, 23 Minutes in Hell, (Charisma House) where he describes in vivid detail his alleged experience.  The book has sold very well over the years, at one point hitting the New York Times bestselling list, and is still found in many Wal-Marts, drug stores, specialty retail shops and of course, nearly every Christian book store.  Weise has capitalized on the popularity of his story contained in this little book and now travels the country as an invited speaker at churches, Christian gatherings of all types and from time to time appearing on TBN television.  Bill Wiese has made a career out of going to hell and it seems Christian audiences can't get enough.  But did he really go to hell?
Certainly most non-Christians, and even most devout Christians, have difficulty believing such a fantastic tale.  Yet it seems, indicated by Bill's popularity and the sales of his book, there is a very significant number of Christians who enthusiastically accept and embrace his story as unquestionable fact. A search on Youtube will result in dozens and dozens of videos all promoting the tale with impassioned pleas to the viewer to repent before a permanent trip to hell becomes your eternal fate.  Discussion boards, blogs and Christian websites are full of arguments about hell and proof of hell's existence is often asserted by bringing up Bill Wiese's experience and his book.

Though few serious Bible scholars have given much attention to Bill Wiese and his little book, preferring I suppose, to ignore it rather than endorse it or criticize it, you can find a few more reasonable and critical reviews of the book by searching Google or Yahoo! for terms like 23 minutes in hell fraud or something along those lines.  However, even most orthodox Christians who do comment on it, and who admittedly find the book poorly written with many scriptural errors, don't dispute the underlying doctrine that hell exists and that God intends to send people there for all eternity.

This week L. Ray Smith of Mobile, Alabama, released the first comprehensive scriptural review of 23 Minutes in Hell.  Mr. Smith has discovered dozens of contradictions and outright fabrications contained in this book.  Smith carefully and clearly identifies fifty of these blatant contradictions involving both Mr. Wiese's story and what the Bible really teaches.  Ray Smith spent more than six months in research, fact checking and examining every claim made in Wiese's book.  His resulting analysis and review is almost as long as the book itself.

Why did Mr. Smith take on this effort?  Because Ray Smith believes and upholds the teaching of the Holy Scriptures rather than the traditions and mythos of moral men;  and furthermore believes followers of Jesus Christ should more carefully discriminate the fanciful and unverifiable claims of someone who might simply be capitalizing on churchgoers' gullibility.  If you've read this book, 23 Minutes in Hell, or know someone who has;  or if you're a Christian interested in whether hell is real and if people are really going there after death, then you need to read Ray Smith's review of this book.  You will be shocked, amazed and even humored by what Ray has found and what the Bible really says about such a story.  You can download a free pdf copy of this 126 page review, or read it online by visiting

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