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Author Topic: Rebuilding the Temple  (Read 6134 times)

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Rebuilding the Temple
« on: July 12, 2006, 12:07:15 PM »

> Hi Ray,
> It's been awhile since my last email. I just recently heard again for
> the umpteenth time (over the past 25 years) an end time teaching
> regarding the rebuilding and restoration of the temple and temple
> worship in Jerusalem. The speaker went into great detail as to how a
> select group of orthodox Jewish leaders in Israel are currently
> gathering and preparing all the various parahenalia required to conduct
> animal sacrifice as well as identifying those descendents of the tribe
> of Levi (last names Levi & Cohen) to act as priests in the restored
> temple. He stated that some of the items had been miraculously
> re-discovered which made it sound as though this could all happen
> tomorrow. (I don't know what they would do with the existing Moslem
> Temple without c reating an additional major Israeli - Arab conflict).
> Ultimately, along with the restoration of the state of Israel in 1948,
> this is supposed to be one of the premier advance prophetic signs of
> Christ's iminent return (anti- christ, rapture, tribulation, armegeddon
> & all that stuff). After reading your material these past 4 years or so,
> I certainly no longer place any stock in any of these endtime
> fundamentalist christian teachings. However, I'd like to know what your
> take there any truth, fact or scriptural basis to the
> possibility of the rebuilding & restoration of the temple in this
> generation?
> Thanks,
> Jere

Dear Jere:

With some few exceptions, my take is this:  "If the Christian Church teaches it, it is Unscriptural."

God be with you, Ray
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