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Author Topic: I Love What You Are Doing !  (Read 2386 times)

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I Love What You Are Doing !
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:33:07 AM »

Hello! My name is Angela and I am Native American and so is my fiance. My fiance was raised Pentacostle( I was raised in Native American religion and still do to this day. I have brought my fiance into his True Culture and he is excitied, he feels like he has found his place in life now. As a True Native , we believe that we all should have freedom of religion and never sway a person into believing like us.

Anyway we have a thing going on called "Culture Vultures". They are simply a person or group of people who take in other peoples religion , throw away what they don't like , change it to fit their selfish needs and get other people to join their corupt system into believing flat out lies, decieving , and destroying everything in their path for the taking. We call it Culture Vultures. Anyway to make a long story short. My fiance had mentioned this tithing thing..and he believes with his heart and sole he must do this. I told him that the Creator has EVERYTHING in his possesion already, we do not have to PAY the Creator Money to be blessed...I mean look at ALL the poor people in the world whom get blessed everyday, and they do not even have a cent to give. And further more the Creator does not want you to feel bad , when you are not....just for not having a cent to spare.

And now I have found your website, and I am so glad to see more people like yourself, standing up for their culture, and protecting what is sacred.

You know my little brother went to a catholic college for a semester to get their music program , and they make one take bible study classes to attend there. What surprized me was that they actually teach in class ALL the words and scriptures they Changed in the bible and why.

So by the time these Culture Vultures came to the Americas spreading death or live by paying and believing in their corupt system, and before the time the bible hit England and the Culture Vultures changed it again into the KJV.

I respect people whom KEEP and Protect their culture as it was ORIGINALLY.

Anyway, Much respect and Thanks for listening!
May You Always Walk In Sunshine!
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