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Author Topic: Jesus is God?  (Read 2765 times)

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Jesus is God?
« on: October 23, 2011, 10:52:19 AM »

Dear Ray,
    It was a pleasure falling onto your website a few years back and reading your writings of insight and understanding of the Bible; I have questioned the things I learned from educated people of Christ, and you seemed to have answered many of my doubts. Though it seems your thoughts of Christ being God is quite odd, as two in one...
   I'm happy to hear that you are still hanging on...and I pray for your health. Combing through your forums I happen to see your message about your health and the date you wrote about it; which signals to me you are still on this Earth. I was reading your email about your cancer in 2008, and the stage or level of Cancer you have, and surprised and happy you are still with us...I'm amazed and thank God for your existence and I wish to hear more of your insight of God's word.
  You wrote about Jesus talking to Phillip as Phillip is requesting to see God,  "Jesus said that no man has ever seen God, but yet He chided Philip: "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known Me, Philip? HE THAT HAS SEEN ME HAS SEEN THE FATHER; and how say you then, Show us the Father?" (John 14:9).  There is a problem here.  If no man has ever seen or heard the Father, yet through Jesus we both see and hear the Father, then Jesus is the only God that anyone has ever seen or heard.  But don't we then have two Gods?  But the Scriptures insist on only one God."
Ray, no one man has seen or talked to God but Jesus, yes...but what Jesus is saying to Phillip, as he has said to all His disciples, I am of my Father and His will is done through me...yes, Jesus represents His Father completely, if you see Jesus then you will see God. Jesus is the ultimate reflection of God; as Jesus honors and obeys His Father.  So man will me this God, and Jesus is saying...have you not seen the Father? Jesus exhibits complete love, healing, and forgiveness...he is reflecting God, yet we still show doubt or faithlessness. We cannot see who are father is through Jesus Christ? OF COURSE WE CAN! I see God through an orange I eat, or a banana I peel, or the air that I breathe, or the flower that blooms, or the colorful feathers on a bird, I can keep, keep going; it is endless of His reflection and the love and beauty our Father bestows onto this World.  At times I may doubt Him...although, I know God lives!
Ray, I know you have been through hell and back through your illness and you are on say your mind is still there...are you sure? Please clarify your insight on the Jesus is God thing.
My prayers and love to you and your family, Andy
Dear Andy:
Thank you for your concern for my health and well-being.  I am still hanging on as they say.
You ask:  Please clarify your insight on the Jesus is God thing."  That is what I have been
working on the greater part of the last years.  There is an answer to this apparent enigma that
you present, but understand that tens of thousands of theologians for over 2000 years have
wrestled with this enigma, and the best thing they have come up with is that Jesus is not God,
but just an ordinary Jewish man whom God blessed with extraordinary spiritual power to resist sin.
Or, that Jesus is one of three persons which individually and collectively are the One God.  Neither
theory is Scriptural, as I will show if and when I ever get to write my paper on this subject.  It is
not likely I will solve single-handedly in a few months what tens of thousands of theologians far
more advanced in knowledge than myself, have not solved in over 2000 years.  Most Christians
have not a clue as to the enormity of the problem this is to explain.  I think I know the answer,
but explaining it clearly and simply, and proving it Scripturally is a whole other matter.  Plus, I am
not to sure most Christians will like the Scriptural truth regarding this subject. Most are comfortable
in their belief system even if they know it is not totally Scriptural.  Hope you understand, and will
be as patient as I am trying to be.
God be with you,
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