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Author Topic: Email  (Read 2461 times)

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« on: July 14, 2006, 03:24:16 PM »

Where DO they come from?

    this is pathetic haha.  you are a reverend, probably well within your years.  i am only an 18 yr old boy, and i understand more about the bible than you do.  you think those that have never even heard of god or jesus goto hell? who told you that?  it is said that those who know of the lord and the son jesus christ, but yet refuse to believe shall face the wrath of hell.  and they face the wrath not because god hates them for not worshipping him, but because we are born into a life of sin, and thus we are sinners.  think of it as, guilty until proven innocent.  you can blame that on satan and the temptation of adam and eve.  god has, and always will show his wrath against sin.  he gives you opportunity after opportunity to come to him, and thats all you have to do.  just know that you are protected and believe in the power the lord withholds.  people are often misconstrued by the fac t that in the old testament, god is portrayed as the wrathful vengeful "hater of humans", and that in the new testament, he is seen as gentle and loving.  it is all because of the crucifixion that occurs at the beggining of the NT.  because before jesus was sacrificed, each sin made by a human was punished on the spot.  but because jesus took on all the punishment for sin, god no longer needed to punish you for the sins, and gives you multiple opportunities to come to jesus (himself in the flesh), and if even after that, you still choose to refuse, then he has no other choice.  you would have sent yourself to hell.
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