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Author Topic: IF HELL ISN'T REAL  (Read 7400 times)

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« on: January 12, 2012, 08:29:21 AM »

Okay, Cheryl, I will try to answer your question which was: QUESTION IF HELL ISN'T REAL THEN WHY DID GOD SEND HIS SON TO SAVE US FROM DEATH AND OUR SINS?

First, your question is incoherent.  That is, it doesn't make sense, and it contradicts itself.  What if we turn your question around and ask:  "If hell IS real, then why did God send His Son to save us from death and our sins?"  You see, whether there is or is not a hell has absolutely NOTHING to do with why Jesus died for our sins.  Jesus Christ "died for our sins," we are told in Scripture.

We are NOWHERE told that Jesus died for our sins to SAVE US FROM HELL.  Where is there such a Scripture? There is none.  When will we stop parroting pagan Christian doctrines and start believing the Bible?  The world of Christendom would have us believe that "The wages of sin is LIFE in an eternal HELL OF FIRE."

Where do the Scriptures teach such nonsense?  Now then, will you believe the Scriptures?  If I show you what the Scriptures really say about the wages of sin, will you believe it?

Okay, here it is:

Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin IS DEATH ; but the gift of God is  ETERNAL LIFE  through Jesus Christ our Lord.

There it is.  What is the "WAGES" of sin?  There is no "gift" for sin, there is only "WAGES" for sin.  So what IS the "wages" of sin, is it "eternal LIFE?"  or "DEATH?"  Well we just read it, the "wages of sin is DEATH"--not eternal LIFE  in hell.  Where does one get "eternal LIFE?"  Why it is "THE GIFT OF God...through Jesus Christ our Lord."

There it is, but will you believe it?  Yes, Christ died for our sins, but not to save us from eternal "LIFE" (in some Egyptian pagan terrorist hellhole of eternal pain and suffering in fire). "Eternal LIFE" is a gift, not a punishment for sin. 

So there is one great and Biblical answer to your question. There are many many more, but I don't have to time to go through them, and if one will not believe one absolute Biblical proof that there is no eternal hell of torture, then that person will not believe a dozen Biblical proofs. Study my paper. There are dozens and dozens of Scriptural answers as to why there is no such thing as a eternal torture chamber for most of the human race of God's children. May God grant to you the wisdom to see these simple and profound truths of the Bible.

God be with you,

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