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Author Topic: Amen  (Read 5445 times)

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« on: July 23, 2006, 10:31:00 AM »

 I am a former Catholic. I left the Catholic church about two weeks ago. My husband and I felt we were fulfilling our obligation. I was very much involved in the church. Trying desperately to fill a VOID. I was a eucharistic minister, altar server, religious education teacher, organizer for 24 hour adoration, cut the lawn, and attended prayer group (Charismatic) my husband was on the finance committee. We have four grown children. One beautiful grandson.
When we left the Catholic church these are some of the comments I received personally. Were you thrown out? Did you speak to your spiritual director about this? Are you going on a mission? How does your family feel about you leaving them? Will you go to another Catholic church? Are you dilusional? How dare you disrespect Jesus? Why did you serve the body and blood of Christ if you didn't believe it was in fact the body and blood. Then the emails and phone calls. How dare you leave Jesus's church the only church?
I need to add that I am in the bible many hours a day. My saving grace. Then I came upon your site. I forget what I was looking up. I believe God wanted to show me the truth. I know that I want my four children in heaven with me. Why wouldn't God want HIS children there too?????? He does.
We would love to meet you in person. God Bless you for taking the scales off the eyes of those who seek the TRUTH. You are an instrument of God. Please stay in touch. Don't let me down like ALL the others. I trust in your words that God himself gave not only to YOU but to ALL people. Some just can't handle the truth. (Good Movie).
Why wouldn't people of this world want to believe there is NO hell??? Isn't that like a breath of relief??????
God Bless you,

Dear Cassie:
This is a brave move the two of you are making, but it is what is commanded of God's People (Rev. 18:4).  It will be awhile until I finish my "HELL" series Part D, but it will knock your socks off when you read it. Hopefully it will help a few others as well. Christian just LOVE the idea that most of humanity would be tortured in literal fire FOR ALL ETERNITY.  It is beyond bizarre; beyond insanity.
God be with you and your family,
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