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Author Topic: my 1st post looool  (Read 1051 times)

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Ian 155

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my 1st post looool
« on: March 01, 2013, 10:44:41 AM »

God Has grown me up u wee bit, Ha AAH -

Hey JFK was this your post below ? glad I stayed on

Hello Ian.  Welcome to the Forum.

However, I cannot go along with some of your comments, especially your last paragraph, the "healing" prayer, it sounds too "Churchy".  I do not do church things anymore or anything that remotely sounds like the syrupy crap that christians expound.

When you say that you have "authority" and that you "decree" that all the cancer in Ray's body be removed, who gave you that authority?

The truth is that God is the only Authority who will do to Ray and all the rest of us what He has predetermined will be our way in this life.

Please do not be offended at what I wrote.  God is calling all kinds.  Even the harsh, bitter, and sarcastic.   ;D


John,You don't have to go along with any comments ....Compassion,[I believe, seeing desparate folks crying out] is why Jesus healed,I have compassion on a man and his family, faced with great pain and tribulation. Only one name can remove it and i certainly will not let my pitifull knowledge of the word get in the way of divine healing.I believe, therefore it is done according to my faith not someone else's

as to who's authority let me tell you in the below testimony ...

I was called to the hospital after my wife was airlifted  [car accident].I had no job and used a friends car,our car was demolished in the accident with no insurance.

 Lying crumpled on a stretcher 5 months pregnant,I looked at my wife and knew death is visiting....I climbed on top of the stretcher in the intensive care foyer and prayed [whispered] simply "Lord have mercy, forgive me and heal my wife".Immediately I was confronted by a stout nurse who said "choose Mr., "unborn child or your wife....." I chose both, she doubted I did not/could not, of my doing ? I don't know, but I said it.

Next missile, what medical fund are you on ? UMMM "do you want the truth or can I lie? truth please , ok.... NO MEDICAL FUND I DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL ! "oh let me speak to the DR [Professor] "Sir, thank you for being honest in this time of difficulty, I will pull out all the possible stops I can, this is very severe damage.

You can check with this doctor, Prof Ken Boffard,Mill Park hospital, 13 years ago almost to the day.IT SHALL BE DONE ACCORDING TO THY FAITH.Faith pleases God not words....[I through Grace got Faith that day because I know I was the worlds worst doubter]

My wife had damages to the amount of R1,8 million [13 years ago] this was a huge amount.Crushed ribs,hip replaced ,broken neck in 3 places,huge lacerations,broken leg in 3 places ,punctured lung,crushed knee,severe internal damages,  she was admitted to The Sandton private Clinic complements of prof Boffard - that is after being stabilized in the Jo-burg general ICU.[ask any South African about the conditions in the Joburg General...] ALL GRATIS

26 days after being admitted to Sandton private clinic they phoned me and said they have to send her back to the general hospital as the costs were getting astronomical.I went to see her the same day at the general hospital and she said, Ian I don't want to stay in this filthy place take me home .I looked at her and the caliper that was bolted into her skull holding a body brace in place and said you can't come home stay here, She refused and I ,after signing some paper that won't hold the hospital liable,took her out.We arrived home and she had to have a bed pan and was not comfortable with me cleaning it out. DAY 30 "Ian Take this contraption off me" "I can't it is bolted together with special Allen key bolts and worse, 4 of the bolts are screwed directly into your skull."I don't care take it off" pleeease Kathy your neck needs support the doc said 1 sudden wrong move and you could be paralyzed..."take it off " 2 months after leaving the hospital Rebecca was born natural birth, she was 7 months ,2 months premature - no assistance with breathing, fully developed and healthy.My wife was fully recovered within 6 months.

Brother Ray Be healed, get up I say, in the name of Jesus


For those who think some teaching is far to complicated take note , all I said or was enabled to say was Lord Have Mercy --

 "come to me as a little child"

thank God life is not complicated for little children

PS im not offended at your welcoming tone... therefore I must be blessed "Tell John [the baptist] the lame walk the blind recieve their sight and blessed is he that takes no offense"

Ian 155

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Re: my 1st post looool
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 12:20:27 PM »

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