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Author Topic: Universalist  (Read 5854 times)

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« on: July 31, 2006, 10:39:04 AM »

> Are you a universalist? I am searching the web because our pastor has been
> preaching on Calvinism and to me it is so disconcerting to think that God
> chooses people to be condemned to eternal hell. Your website has presented
> such a logical, well-reasoned way to reconcile concepts of election, Savior
> of the world, God of love, etc. Other websites bring up the label
> Universalist. Is that the proper term for your position? Is it true that
> the original Christians were Universalists but that the Roman church sensed
> a way to gain power over the people with "hellfire and brimstone"?
> Thank-you for your work. It has let me see a way to explain the seeming
> inconsistencies in God's Word. I used to just take heart in verses that
> indicate that God is in control and in the end H is way is best. I assumed
> (and I still do) that we as mortals simply don't understand everything.
> Jane

Dear Jane:

"Universalism" is the belief that God will save all humanity. I believe this. There are many groups of Believers who teach Universalism. However, most of them also teach a plethora of heresies that are NOT Biblical Truths.  Therefore, I do not call myself a Universalist.

God be with you,

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