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Author Topic: Conference  (Read 5738 times)

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« on: August 01, 2006, 11:56:33 AM »

I will be there.
Josh  (on the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain, just outside of New Orleans)
I have a question:  Even though I am 100% convinced that the church is filled with nothing but satan's angels (in regards to the pastures and priests, etc...), and I am horrified by their contradictions about God's love and eternal hell, and tithing, and all the physical mumbojumbo traditions that accomplish absolutely nothing, I am still tempted to go to church just because certain books in the scriptures seem to direct me in there (like I and II Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, I and II Corinthians, and James.)
There is no way that I can go to church now that I believe that they preach satan's lies, so the temptation will never spill over to me going back to church; but I have trouble reconciling some things I read in scripture without a "church body" -- like church discipline --- how do I kick someone out of church for being bad (to put it in simplistic terms), if I don't go? Or how about "forsake not the assembly?"
I have only a few people that I know that agree with what I have learned from your site, but even those people don't constitute a chruch or "assembly" because they don't care to take it any further than what they may allow my to practically force on them.
It has been a couple of years now, that I have been going down this path, and I am very happy that I am.  If it winds up that this is a solo-journey -- just me and God -- no "church" of any kind, is this ok?  Because this seems to be the most likely case.
Just curious about your thoughts on this.

Dear Josh:
Looking forward to seeing you at our Conference.
Most of the Elect of the world have no fellow Believers to fellowship with. We are the "salt of the earth."  By the very nature of this parable, we are to be scattered and not clumped all together in little piles.  Jesus asked if there would be faith in the earth when He returns?  Of course not.  But consider, if there were a dozen or so chosen Elect in your city, and in every other city of the world, then there would ben MILLIONS of believers on earth today who have faith. This is clearly not the case.
What we need to understand is that our true fellowship is with Jesus Christ and God His Father.(I Cor. 1:9;  II Cor. 6:14;  I John 1:3;  II Cor. 13:14, etc.).
God be with you,
PS  You may join our Discussion Forum at the bottom of our home page and correspond with Believers of like mind.
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