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Author Topic: Universalist  (Read 4931 times)

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« on: August 01, 2006, 12:24:49 PM »

 Thank-you for your response.  Are there other resources besides your site that would be valuable and Biblical?  Some of your material is written in response to another person or to an issue.  I'd like to have a tutorial or teaching that is not in reaction to mainline Christianity.  Is the website Christian-Universalism OK?

Dear Jane:
I do not recommend any other sites.  There are dozens of sites with the name: "Christian-Universalism."  I am not sure if you had one of them in particular in mind.
As per your statement that your not wanting to read material that is "a reaction to mainline Christianity," I can only say that most of Christ's teaching was in reaction to mainline Judaism.  How many times to we read of "You have heard...but I SAY UNTO YOU.....?" and many such statements with regards to what was WRONG with the religion of Judea.
The reason that I do not recommend other sites (even Universalism sites), is because I have so far found it to be true that every site I have ever visited that has some truth, also has some damnable heresies.  I don't claim that I am 100% accurate in every word I teach--not by a long shot, but.....BUT, I don't believe that I teach ANY "damnable heresies."
God be with you,
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