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Author Topic: Lucifer  (Read 5253 times)

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« on: August 01, 2006, 09:45:52 PM »

Hi Ray,
I hope all is well.  While reading Part 9 of the Lake of Fire Series, I came across the enjoyable quote from the Adam Clarke Bible commentary.  I wanted to pass it along in case you hadn't seen it.  It notes very clearly how incorrectly this passage has been translated.
Isa 14:12 -

O Lucifer, son of the morning - The Versions in general agree in this translation, and render הילל heilel as signifying Lucifer, Φωσφω?ος, the morning star, whether Jupiter or Venus; as these are both bringers of the morning light, or morning stars, annually in their turn. And although the context speaks explicitly concerning Nebuchadnezzar, yet this has been, I know not why, applied to the chief of the fallen angels, who is most incongruously denominated Lucifer, (the bringer of light!) an epithet as common to him as those of Satan and Devil. That the Holy Spirit by his prophets should call this arch-enemy of God and man the light-bringer, would be strange indeed. But the truth is, the text speaks nothing at all concerning Satan nor h is fall, nor the occasion of that fall, which many divines have with great confidence deduced from this text. O how necessary it is to understand the literal meaning of Scripture, that preposterous comments may be prevented! Besides, I doubt much whether our translation be correct. הילל heilel, which we translate Lucifer, comes from ילל yalal, yell, howl, or shriek, and should be translated, "Howl, son of the morning;" and so the Syriac has understood it; and for this meaning Michaelis contends: see his reasons in Parkhurst, under הלל halal.

God bless,
Dallas, TX

Dear Bert:
No I had not seen that in Adam Clark's Commentary.  My Adam's Clark Commentary was lost in several moves years ago, and I have never bought another commentary. That is great stuff for sure.  Not too many honest scholars around anymore when it comes to relgion. I have said all my life: "When it comes to relgion simples words loose all meaning."
Thanks for your input.
God be with you,
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