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Author Topic: Fables  (Read 5368 times)

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« on: August 08, 2006, 06:33:47 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith,
I have read many of the writings posted on your web site.  I started to question my theology about a year ago.  I pretty much know that you are right about the eons and hell and satan.  What you say is the only explanation that makes any sense.  I've been a christian for 22 years and never in all of that time could I make sense of this whole God thing.  It seems so simple when you explain it.  Surely God has revealed it to you.
So, here I sit...knowing that what christianity teaches are fables.  It all makes sense.  That's why there are so many denominations.  They're all wrong from the foundation.  Why would people think that the institution would be on track.  The first one didn't recognized the Messiah.  The people of God go astray as a whole.   
How did you ever get courageous enough to step away from all that you thought was true.  I know your answer.  God did it through you.  Of course he did.  It just seems so scary for me to step away from all that I've ever known and trust that God will finish what he has started.  Every christian that I talk to says the same things.  I've never noticed that before.  They will debate over things like dress, tongues, baptism, women in ministry, and so on, but the things that they all have in common are that Satan was created perfect, man has an immortal soul, and most will end up in eternal torture.  I've come to believe that it's not the things that christians disagree on that make them dangerous.  It's the things that all denominations agree on that make them dangerous.
Thanks for doing what you do.  I know that you are a human being and thus not perfect, but you have had the courage to step away from religion.  God is obviously using you to do something in this era.  God bless, Diana

Dear Diana:
The sugar-coated candy religion of Christendom appeals to lusts of the carnal mind. When God begins to humble us of our carnal mind the church looses its luster and the candy is no longer sweet.  God isn't calling us to a feel-good religion.  What feels good is the truth, even if the truth is often painful it still feels good because the destiny of Christ's religion is eternal righteousness and love for all.  There certainly is nothing good about a heaven that allows its guests to view their grandmothers and grandfathers, and maybe even their own childrenh, being tortured in a fire of an eternal hell.  As Paul stated: "Yes woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel."
God be with you,
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