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Author Topic: Lake of Fire  (Read 4742 times)

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Lake of Fire
« on: August 10, 2006, 10:20:55 AM »

> Hello Ray,
> I'm an avid reader, and have thanked you before via email - your papers have
> been a HUGE blessing to me! :)
> I've a question, that I'm hoping you've thought about and have an easy
> answer for. It *seems* like you're suggesting that the Lake of Fire is a
> purification process for the unbeliever. It seemed like a great
> explanation - but one thing continually nagging at me is:
> It seems to me that no sufferings (perhaps "suffering" is where I go
> astray?) of the sinner can purge his own carnality/sin. That is accomplished
> solely by the sacrifice of Christ. And also, the sinner has been judged at
> the great white throne, so why continue the infliction for the whole of that
> tremendous eon?
> If you've not an easy answer, can you at least provide a thought that will
> set me on the right track to find the err of my thinking?
> Thanks Brother Ray... blessings to you as you continue writing for us!
> Glen Klein

Dear Glen:

Certainly not. If the sacrifice of Jesus cleanses our carnal minds completely, what was the purpose of the apostles suffering most AFTER the crucifixion and resurrection.  And not all tribulation and suffering is to purge sin, but to build character, patience, love, etc. Jesus did not sin. Jesus did not have a carnal mind. Jet Jesus SUFFERED and learned what it was to be obedient BY the things that He suffered. Etc.  The Lake of Fire is part of the Great White Throne Judgment. Some enter the city before others. Some have few lashes and others have many lashes, etc.

God be with you,

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