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Author Topic: What is the Holy Spirit?  (Read 25127 times)

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What is the Holy Spirit?
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:40:22 AM »,12224.0.html ----

The "Trinity" doctrine emphasizes that "God" is composed of
Three, equally Divine Persons:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the
Holy Spirit.  Right here is where the doctrines becomes unscriptural heresy.
The Holy Spirit "of" God, is not a "person."  Neither is God the Father of
our Lord Jesus Christ, a "person."  A "person" is a "human being."  Neither
God the Father, nor the Holy Spirit OF God, IS A PERSON--a human being!
Nowhere in Scripture is the Holy Spirit "of" God, CALLED GOD.  There is no
such thing as "God the Holy Spirit" in Scripture, and my authority is the Holy
Of course there is much more to it, but this is the starting point if one wishes
to know the Scriptural truth regarding this man-made doctrine.,7664.0.html ---------

I have always said that God's Spirit is God. That what God does through His spirit is GOD DOING IT, and not someone else. The Spirit of God is not SOME OTHER PERSON, but God Himself.,1934.0.html ----

God is Holy and God is Spirit--therefore, God is HOLY Spirit.. Actually the "Holy Spirit" is mentioned in the Old Testament:  Psalm 51:11; Isa. 63:10, etc.,3514.0.html -----

Jesus is the Personification of the Holy Spirit (His SPIRIT FATHER living IN Him). Therefore, the Person Jesus is the "He and the Him," not the Spirit of God in Him. God the Father OWNS, if you will, His OWN Spirit. It belongs TO Him. IT is HIS. The Holy Spirit DOES NOT OWN GOD THE FATHER. Can you see and understand that? God HAS a spirit. The Holy Spirit DOES NOT HAVE A GOD, therefore, it is an IT, and not a HE or a HIM.   I have explained this many dozens of times on our site, but you are the second person today to ask this same kind of question. It is hard to rid ourselves of the Christian pagan doctrines of the Church.,4995.0.html -----------
The trinity teaching is not that the Holy Spirit is God, but that the Holy Spirit IS A PERSON!! And this is decidedly NOT SCRIPTURAL at all.

    Hello ray,
     Let me tell you i thank God for you brother. You speak what is the truth MOST of the time.  However you are mistaken on the trinity. I once read a response of yours to a reader about how there is no scripture in the bible that calls The Holy Spirit God. Obviously you have never read 2 cor 3:17

2Cor 3:17  Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
    COMMENT:  II Cor. 3:17 does NOT SAY that "The Holy Spirit is God," does it?
     which clearly states  "NOW the LORD IS THE SPIRIT".  The emphasiis is on the word "is". If you read those words backwards you would have "Now the SPIRIT IS THE LORD!.   Therefore the question becomes who is "THE LORD"?
    ALL one has to do is read the "ten" commandments to find the answer
    COMMENT:  Oh really?  In II Cor. 3:17, the word for "Lord" is "kurios" and it is used of Jesus Christ nearly 700 times in the New Testament.  "The Lord" of II Cor. 3:17 is clearly Jesus Christ, not God the Father.
    I AM "THE LORD" THY GOD THOU SHALL Have no other gods before me.  Clearly THE lord of 2 corinthians is the same LORD throughout the entire old testament, who f course  is the FATHER.
    COMMENT:  The Lord of the Old Testament is "Jehovah" which is a Proper NAME, not a title as is "Lord" in the New Testament. Even so, Jehovah was NOT Jesus' Father, but Jesus Himself. Moses heard ahnd saw Jehovah, whereas NO MAN HAS EVER seen or heard the Father (John 5:37). But of course, this would require one to believe the Scriptures, and not too many people are willing to do that.
      THerefore SInce the "SPIRIT" (holy spirit) is THE LORD(the father), the father must be the spirit.
    COMMENT:  The "Spirit" is the possession of God the Father--it is "The Spirit OF God."  However, God has given His Son Jesus Christ this SAME spirit. God has shared ALL with His Son: "ALL power in heaven and earth is given Me" (Matt. 28:18).  Jesus takes of the Spirit His Father has given Him and gives it to US (John 16:15).  The "Comforter" (the "parakletos) IS JESUS.  "And if any man sin, we have an Advocate [Gk: 'parakletos] with the Father, JESUS CHRIST the righteous" (I John 2:1). Jesus Christ IS, the Lord of the Old Testament; the Lord of the New Testament, the Comforter (Parakletos), which is the promised Holy Spirit, which comes to us through JESUS CHRIST, and so "The Lord is that SPIRIT." --------

The Holy spirit OF God is certainly not a "person" as you suggest. The Holy Spirit is the "Spirit OF God the Father." I assure you, however, that God the Father is not the "Father OF the Holy Spirit." Think about that for a few years and it might come to you. Paul ALWAYS addressed and praised God the Father and His Lord Jesus Christ in EVERY salutation in EVERY epistle He ever wrote.Example: 

"Paul, an apostle of JESUS CHRIST by the will of GOD, to the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in CHRIST JESUS:  Grace be to you, and peace, from GOD OUR FATHER AND FROM THE LORD JESUS CHRIST" (Gal. 1:1-2).

But Paul never ONCE mentioned or addressed the Holy Spirit in ANY of his epistles EVER.  Do you have a good explanation for such an gross omission and degradation of the Holy Spirit, if the Holy Spirit is a PERSON, and VERY GOD?   Well do you?  No, of course you don't.

 Jesus Christ was "conceived by THE HOLY SPIRIT."...  And the reason that Jesus is the Son of the Father (II Jn 3), and not the son of some other person, is because his Mother, Mary, was made pregnant by His Father's "Holy Spirit."  Am I going to fast for you?,12224.0.html ---------

Dear David: Thank you for your email and comments.

        No, I don't see a problem with II Cor. 13:14, as it is in keeping with other Scriptures and other statements of Paul. 

2Cor 13:14  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

Our fellowship/communion (they are both translated from the same Greek word), is through God's Holy Spirit which is also Christ's Holy Spirit. Remember the Spirit that Jesus promised would come to His disciples?  So it is through that Spirit that we fellowship or commune with God and Jesus. Virtually the same thing is stated in Phil. 2:1--

        Phi 2:1 If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any FELLOWSHIP OF THE SPIRIT, if any bowels and mercies,

Could it be that just as Jesus is the Son "of" God and not God Himself, that the holy spirit is the spirit "of" God and not God Himself? Yes, that is what the Scriptures clearly teach. We have the Son "of" God and the spirit "of" God and yet God is "of" NO ONE!! Is there anyone who wishes to challenge this? God Almighty is out of NO ONE! God Almighty is of NO ONE!
In Mat. 12:28 Jesus said He cast out demons "by the SPIRIT of God." Yet the Pharisees claimed He did it by the power of Beezeboul. Jesus told the Pharisees that accusing Him of casting out demons "by the power of Beezeboul," when He did it by the "spirit of God," is blasphemy against the "holy spirit" (Ver. 32).

Here is clear and simple proof that the "spirit of God" and the "holy spirit" are ONE AND THE SAME SPIRIT--not a third person of a so-called trinity!

Again let me state: Anything that is "of" or "from" someone else cannot BE that same someone else! Nothing can be "of" someone and yet, at the same time, "be" that same someone! This is axiomatic.

The holy spirit is something that God the Father possesses--it is not a separate, third god or deity of some fabled trinity. The spirit "of" God is "Godís" spirit. And notice that God offers His spirit as a gift to those who ask:

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?" (Luke 11:13)

The holy spirit is not an entity of its own, but is rather a possession of God which He gives to us.
Jesus said that He and His Father are ONE. He never said that He and the holy spirit are ONE. It is rather THROUGH the holy spirit that the Son is in the Father and the Father is in the Son, and we are in Christ and Christ is in us and the Father is in us!

Next letís consider who or what is the "comforter" mentioned only in Johnís gospel account.

"And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you [it is not "from" the holy spirit, but "from" the Father] another Comforter [this word does not require a capital letter], that he [it] may abide with you for ever [Greek: for the aion--eon or age]. Even the Spirit of truth..." (John 14:16-17 KJV).

Remember that Jesus said "I am the truth." How then can this "comforter" be coming from both His Father and Himself? Is this possible? Once we understand just what this "spirit of truth," "spirit of God," "holy spirit," "holy ghost," "comforter" really is, we will see that it certainly DOES come from both the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

John 14:17  the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be IN YOU.
Jesus was assuredly "the spirit of truth" of which He spoke. And as such Jesus was with the disciples. But now He is telling them that when He leaves them to be with the Father, He will come back to them, only this time He will not just be with them, but He will be IN them! The spirit of truth was with the apostles in the person of Jesus Christ, but He told them that after He left to be with the Father that this same spirit of truth would be in them. This is all done by "spirit," the spirit of God.

Notice verse 26 of John 14:

"Now the consoler, THE HOLY SPIRIT, which the Father will be sending in MY NAME..."

And see how this is done, verse 23:

"If anyone should be loving Me, he will be keeping My word, and My Father will be loving him, and WE shall be coming to him and making OUR abode with him.

This is done through the consoler, the comforter, the spirit of truth, THE HOLY SPIRIT of God! Jesus said He would not leave them "comfortless" (Ver. 18), so for sure Jesus must return to His followers to "comfort" them. This He did and still does by the "spirit of God" which God gave to His son Jesus and which the Father then turns around and gives FROM that very same spirit in Christ TO US! The following Scripture make this plain:

"All things that the Father hath are mine [all things include the holy spirit]: therefore said I, that He shall take of Mine [that is, of the spirit that His Father gave to Him], and shall shew it UNTO YOU" (John 16:15).
Here is one more proof that the "holy ghost [spirit]" and the "spirit of God" are one and the same. Here is what Jesus told His disciples would happen when they would be brought before magistrates and powers:

"And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say: For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say" (Luke 12:11-12).

Jesus told His disciples in John 16:7:

"It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will NOT COME UNTO YOU; but if I depart, I will SEND HIM unto you."

Is this "comforter" the third God of a trinity? Let us see Who this Comforter really is! Didnít you ever wonder why this Comforter could not come until Christ departed? The comforter does not come until Christ departs to the Father, because the comforter IS THE SON returning in the form of "spirit," "holy spirit." Jesus is saying to him,

"I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one is coming to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6).

"Now, whenever the consoler [comforter] which I shall be sending you from the Father..."

Notice that Christ sends the comforter from the Father and what Jesus instructs. And notice that it does not involve a third person of a fabled trinity:

"Yet whenever that may be coming--the spirit of truth [Jesus said that HE is the Truth]--it will be guiding you in to all the truth, for it will NOT be speaking from itself [it is NOT A GOD], but whatsoever it should be hearing [from Whom sent it] will it be speaking, and of what is coming will it be informing you. That will be glorifying ME, seeing that of MINE will it be getting, and informing you. All, whatever the Father has, is MINE. THEREFORE I said to you that OF MINE IS IT GETTING, AND WILL BE INFORMING YOU." (John 16:13-15).

This is not hard to understand. The spirit of Truth is Christ. The comforter is Christ. The spirit will be speaking TO the disciples THROUGH Christís spirit which is His because the Father gave this spirit TO HIM! Thereís no trinity here.

Jesus said:

"I will NOT leave you bereaved [comfortless], I am coming to you [in the form of the comforter and spirit of truth]" (Jn 14:18).

Now notice how clear Jesus makes this. Who or What is this spirit, holy spirit, holy ghost, spirit of truth, comforter? Is it really the third person of a triune God? Let Jesus Himself answer:

"IN THAT DAY [the day when the comforter comes] you shall know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I IN YOU" (Jn 14:20).

"Now the consoler [comforter], THE HOLY SPIRIT, which the Father will be sending IN MY NAME, that will be teaching you all, and reminding you of all that I said to you" (Jn 14:26).

"I am going, and I AM COMING TO YOU" (Jn. 14:27).


In the Greek, the "comforter" or consoler is translated from parakleetos. Now, is there any Scriptural proof that Jesus Christ is called "parakleetos?" Yes there is. In I John 2:1 we read:

"And if anyone should be sinning, we have an Entreater with the Father, Jesus Christ, the Just."

In the King James it says we have an "advocate" [with a small "a"]. King James ALWAYS capitalizes the Greek word "parakleetos," so why donít they capitalize it here? You see, "advocate" or a better translation "Entreater" is translated from the GREEK WORD "parakleetos!"

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