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I hope I can introduce myself here?

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Welcome Antaiwan!  It is so great to see new people here.  And like many others have said, it seems like a lot of us stumbled into Ray's site.  I pray this forum will be as big of a blessing to you as it is to me.  Welcome to the family!  ;D


Oh my gosh!! I didn't expect such a warm welcome!!
Thank you all for welcoming me here, I hope to get to know all you
and hope fully make many friends here! I need more men and women of God in
my life!
Thank You again



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P.S.  How long have you been studying Ray's site?

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I have been on the site for about a month and half.
Just trying to read and study the immense info!

Welcome Antaiwan,

Glad to meet you! I know Atlanta well, I was born there and hope to move back one day. Hope to see you around,

God bless your journey,

I went to your "blog" sight and found it interesting.  I had never seen a "blog" sight before.....yeh, I know, everyone will say "Whhhattttt?" can't help it, guess I am a little behind in some things.  Never really knew what they were to be honest, had heard of them but didn't know....see.....you have already taught me something new!!!!


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