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Author Topic: Sabbath  (Read 3886 times)

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« on: August 19, 2006, 12:47:51 AM »

Hi Ray,
I emailed you once before and am not offended that you have not written back maybe it is still in the works. I NEED YOUR HELP!
My last email is not as important as this one is. So, If you will, please email me back as soon as you can please. Here is my concern:
I know we are not saved through works, and that the Ten Comandments help us recognize right from wrong. My question is: Would it wrong for me and my family
to follow God's Word and let Saturday (the seventh day) be our (my family's) day of rest and worship?  The reason I feel I should follow the Sabbath is out of love toward our Creator (1) and (2) out of obediance.
I have heard (in some form or another) that this comandment is no longer valid today, and that there is no need to take this day of rest and that Sunday the first day of the week is more convinient or that it is just as good as Saturday.
Two more question please:
If this comandment is "no longer valid or usless" wouldn't this make all the other comandments the same? Its kind of like shouldnt we (even thought we are sineers fom the beginning) at least make a whole hearted attempt to be obediant to all the Ten Commandments?
                                                                          Thank You
P.S  May God Bless you
        and continue to give you

Dear Ricardo:
I have 705 unanswered emails ahead of yours, and your questions are way too long to answer in an email. It will take at least a 50 paper to cover the questions you are asking. It is a HUGE subject. In the mean time, follow your conscience and rest or worship on the Sabbath and attempt to keep the ten commandments. But until you understand that "THE LAW IS SPIRITUAL" (Romans 7:14), you will never mature in Christ Jesus. And when you understand that this includes the Sabbath command as well as the other nine, your approach to "keeping the sabbath" will change your life completely.
God be with you,
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