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Author Topic: Contridiction  (Read 5189 times)

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« on: August 19, 2006, 12:50:52 AM »

> First of all...I DO agree with you about the Trinity. As I was reading what
> you wrote...and I was like "wow"..this guy really knows what he is talking
> about. Example :
> -----"I and the Father, We are ONE" (John 10:30).
> Let me be perfectly clear, logical, and Scriptural on this matter:
> One plus one plus one DOES NOT equal one!
> One God plus one God plus one God DOES NOT equal one God!
> One third of a God plus one third of a God plus one third of a God DOES NOT
> equal one whole God!
> The Holy Spirit of God cannot also be that same God! ANYTHING that is either
> "from" or "of" something ELSE cannot also "BE" that something else no matter
> what or who it is!
> A "Father" and a "Son" CANNOT ALSO BE THE SAME PERSON!----- ----
> and...
> --"My Father is GREATER than I" (John 14:28).---
> Then you went on to say: Is Christ God? YES HE IS!
> This I found to be very dissapointing. You went on about God being Greater
> than Jesus. How there is only ONE God. Then you sort of stuck your foot in
> your mouth.
> In the KJ version..Exodus 6:3, it says: And I appeared unto Abraham, unto
> Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH
> was I not known to them.
> Psalm 83:18 :That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art
> the most high over all the earth.
> Note: In the scripture is says "most high"...not "second high"..or "second
> to Jesus". Also in the Bible it never says anything about Jesus having
> another name.
> SO...If Jehovah is God, Jesus is his SON...therefore making it impossible
> for Jesus to be God.
> In most translations of the Bible, God's name Jehovah has been taken out and
> replaced by "Lord". If you look at the index of many Bibles it will say so.
> And you DON'T have to be a Jehovah's Witness to believe that Jehovah is God,
> and Jesus is his son.
> I hope you have a wonderful day,
> Yours truely,
> Kari Kieselhorst

Dear Kari:

No I did not stick my foot in my mouth. YES, "Jehovah is God," but NO, "Jesus is NOT His SON," as you suggest. No man has ever seen God or heard His voice. We are told this by Jesus Himself. Who then did Moses both SEE AND HEAR?  Why it was "the LORD," and just who is the Lord?  Why He is Yahweh.  And Who is Yahweh? God the Father? NO--Jesus Christ (I Cor. 10:4, etc., etc.).  You still have a lot to learn about this "trinity" stuff. There are no THREE PERSONS in a so-called "godhead." But Jesus and His Father are ONE (John 10:30).    ONE what?  ONE God.  And They Both have ONE SPIRIT, seeing that "God IS SPIRIT."

It's all in my paper. You just need to pay closer attention to the Scriptures.

God be with you,


PS   No need to answer back, I will NOT argue this subject and I have no further need of your arguments. There is no Scriptural proof that Jesus Father is Yahweh, and that changes all the theories of most of Christendom.
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