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Author Topic: Josephus  (Read 4197 times)

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« on: August 19, 2006, 12:52:21 AM »

> I have a large book entitled: The Works of JOSEPHUS Complete and Unabridged
> New Updated Version.
> Now I no very little about his writings. I was flipping through the pages
> and read about hell (the traditional idea) on page 814 under 'JOSEPHUS'
> It reads as follows: ..."by giving justly to those that have done well an
> everlasting fruition; but alloting to the lovers of wicked works eternal
> punishment. To these belong the unquenchable fire, and that without end,
> and a certain fiery worm never dying, and not destroying the body, but
> continuing its eruption out of the body with never-ceasing grief; neither
> will sleep give ease to these men, nor will night afford them comfort; death
> will not free them from their punishment, n or will the interceding prayers
> of their kindred profit them; for the just are no longer seen by them, nor
> are they thought worthy of remembrance; but the just shall remember only
> their righteous actions whereby they have attained the heavenly kingdom,"
> I was shocked to read this because I thought the bible didn't develop these
> mistranslations which led to this interpretation untill much later when
> Jerome translated it from greek to latin!?
> Could you help me understand why Josephus appears to have this concept of
> Hell/Hades when he was born in 37AD.

Dear Reader:

I too have the works of Josephus.  Josephus was the product of his own Jewish race, religion, and culture. By the time of his writings he like virutally all of Judea absorbed most of the pagan teaching of Babylon which came initially out of Egypt. These included the IMMORTAL SOUL, TRANSMIGRATION OF SOULS, JUDGMENT AT DEATH, AND UNDERWORLD HELL OF DEMONS AND PAGAN GODS, etc.  By the time of Jesus' ministry the Jews were PAGAN TO THE CORE. Be sure to read HELL Part D when it is posted sometime in the future, I hope.

God be with you,

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