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Author Topic: The World  (Read 5565 times)

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The World
« on: August 21, 2006, 10:31:56 AM »

> Dear Ray, You are a real hero! I've been visiting your website for three years
> now and I never get tired of it. Sometimes I read the headlines and feel
> depressed about the world and wonder why I brought three wonderful little people
> into such a mess. Then I visit your site and start to calm down, I tell myself
> that Jesus is the saviour of the whole world, everything will be okay.
> I have to say though that sometimes I have doubts and fears, although not about
> hell or the so called "end times". I worry rather that there is not a plan,
> that this world is just an accident and that all of the suffering in the world
> has no purpose. My husband is a scientist and tells me that believing in God is
> like believing in Santa Claus. My family is at the other end of the spectrum
> and thinks that I'm going to hell because I don't go to church. Since my
> childhood I have yearned for God, but not the God that was presented to me.
> What you say makes sense to me, it feels right, it soothes me.
> But I wonder Ray if you worry too? You mention that you have children, do you
> worry about them when you read the papers? Can a person reach a point in their
> faith where they have no doubts? I pray daily, "I believe, help Thou my
> unbelief." Will this prayer be answered? I know that you are very busy, if you
> don't have time to respond I understand. I thank from the very bottom of my
> heart for all that you do. Jesus is my window on God, but you brought me to the
> window.
> With Love,
> Melinda

Dear Melinda:

No, I really don't worry about all the problems in the world to the extent that I get depressed. I am certainly saddened by the pain and misery in the world, how stupid many leaders of the world are, and the spiritual drug dealers of religion.  However, as I know that there is a plan and purpose in all this pain and madness, it does not cause me to loose sleep.  I have devoted my life to exposing spiritual crime and corruption while at the same time teaching the profound truths of God's Word. I full well know that what I am doing will have no impact on the world or its problems. But for a select chosen few, God is preparing His saints to correct all these ills in the future Kingdom of God on earth.

God be with you,

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