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Author Topic: Hell is Real  (Read 2215 times)

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Hell is Real
« on: August 23, 2006, 10:38:48 AM »

> Hi Ray,
> If you cannot answer my email it is okay, I understand.
> I haven't read your website but what intrigued me was the heading I
> saw, "Hell does not exist". Well that is definitely not true as the
> Lord Jesus Himself showed me in a night vision that Hell does surely
> exist.
> I was reading the Book of Revelation once many years ago. I was
> reading the NIV version. And each time I read the word bottomless pit
> my mind got bogged down as I just could not understand it. I read this
> a few times in Revelation and each time I tried to fathom it out but I
> could not.
> One night I had this dream which when I awoke in the morning I could
> not remember the dream. As I could not remember the dream in the
> morning is important.
> In the dream the Lord showed me the earth, it was a black and white
> dream. And He showed me the centre of the earth, He showed me that
> Hell is in the centre of the earth and He explained to me in the dream
> that it is called the bottomless pit because if you went from one end
> of the earth down through the centre you'd come out of the other side
> of the earth.
> He explained me in the dream that you'd go right through the centre
> of the earth as though it had no bottom and you'd come out the other
> side of the earth. And that is why it is called the bottomless pit. As
> though the earth had no bottom.
> Anyway in the morning I woke up out of my sleep at about 7am. Then
> about 3pm on that same day my wife just happened to put a tape on and
> the first words that came off the tape were "And where is Hell?", he
> then answered his own question, "Hell is in the centre of the earth.
> The dream that I had that night immediately came flashing back to me!
> I was absolutely amazed.
> The next day was a Sunday and I told these Pastors in this Church I
> attended. I was quite excited about it but the two Pastors were very
> angry with me that they almost threw me out of the Church.
> Anyway I said to the Lord that I was quite disappointed as the two
> Pastors would not believe me. Now I had never heard of Hell being in
> the centre of the earth in all my life.
> Within a few days after praying to the Lord about it a Pastor from
> another Church came to my door. As he sat down and we talked I asked
> him where Hell was and he thought about it for a few seconds then he
> responded, "In the centre of the earth."
> Oh well I felt quite relieved about it as the Pastor confirmed the
> Lord's dream to me. And t hen about two years went by and I said to the
> Lord in pray, "I've seen no books on this that Hell is in the centre
> of the earth."
> Within a few days a man who was standing outside this Church was
> handing out these booklets free of charge. The booklet he handed me is
> called The Second Coming of Christ by Clarence Larkin. Clarence Larkin
> drew a lot of drawings in his books. When I turned to page 35 I was
> quite amazed because my prayer was answered. There it was in a drawing
> Hell in the centre of the earth.
> Because of this dream I have read one chapter of Revelation
> practically everyday. And by the way when Jesus said to the man on the
> cross "This day you will be with me in Paradise" that is exactly what
> happened. Before Jesus died Paradise was under the earth as well as
> Hell.
> Anyway if you haven't read this booklet you could always ge t yourself
> a copy. The Second Coming of Christ by Clarence Larkin.
> But I do agree with you about tithing though. It is wrong.
> Bye for now in Jesus Mighty and Most Precious Name.
> Alfred.

Dear Alfred:

I would like to publically go on record as being a third person who knows from the Scriptures that the theory that there is an eternal hell of fire in the center of the earth is A TOTAL TOTAL CROCK!



PS  BE SURE that you read my 4th Installment on "HELL" to be posted in the future.
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