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Author Topic: A Strange Work  (Read 4432 times)

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A Strange Work
« on: October 04, 2019, 03:32:03 PM »

I would like to tell you a true story. IN 2015

1– I had a traumatic experience of evil . Traumatic is a mild word in this case, so full stop here.
2- God began reintroducing Himself and healing my wounds so I was feeling pretty good
about  my family not putting me in a home 😮 and I had a new kind of happy. I knew nothing
of Babylon at this time.  So to my story.

My husband and I were driving around the valley here in NS on a beautiful sunny Saturday
going to yard sales. It was something we liked to do and I was feeling great, I knew God was
in my life . I knew He was real. Hallelujah 😁
We came across this huge yard, a huge barn, and a huge man sitting in a chair to small for
his big body. I was about ten feet away from him , when he said,” I don’t like your
pants” to which I replied” you wouldn’t look good in them anyway.” 😁 He looked at my husband
and said, “ what’s that big C mean on you cap? (My husband was wearing his brand new bright
red cap with a big yellow C .} My husband replied” Calgary Flames, my favourite hockey team”.
The man said “ I want that cap” ( I’m laughing as I type) .My husband said” you want it? And the man said” yes, I want that cap”, so my husband took of his cap and gave it to the old man.
He took of his old farmers hat and put the bright red baseball cap on his head with a big smile
on his face. 😂😂😂 The cap was way too small for his big head but I just smiled at his smile and my husband loves to do things like that so it was nice.
I began looking around at all his stuff and noticed there were a lot of things from on the ME/ Egypt. Lots of brass. Anyway, the man was talking to my husband asking him how long we were
married and giving him marriage advise. Then he said to my husband. “ I would like to give
your wife a gift because you gave me your cap” . I was all ears then.😃 He said to my
husband,” if you want to give a gift to a married woman , you should get permission from
her husband and if you want to give a gift to a child you should get permission from the
Father.”  I had no idea what he was talking about and was waiting for my gift. He told me,
“ go over to that table and at the far end you will find a lamp, it’s yours he said.” I looked
at it and at first thought it was a bong 😂 but then I saw words on it. It was an old oil lamp
from Israel. It had Israel the Holy City written on it. I didn’t know much about Israel but I
knew enough to comprehend that it had something to do with the bible. I thanked him and
kissed him on the cheek. I asked” what is your name and he said George. I said” that’s my husbands name .” Actually , my husbands real name is Gerald but for most of his life was called
George.🤔 We left with him waving goodbye and a couple of hours laters when we drove by,
he was still sitting in his too small chair wearing his too small cap.
A few days later , I thought about him and wondered why he would make a remark about my
pants. I had bought them because they were leggings with different designs on them. I really
liked how comfortable they were.Anyway I got curious and decided to take a closer look, hmm 🤔
I googled the design and there they were under Ukraine Symbols. 🤔 only recently did I revisit
the meanings of this symbolism. I was quite surprised to discover that they were a mixture
religious symbols embroidered by women in the Ukraine and no two designs are alike. There was a lot of information. Anyway , I went to Newfoundland and a friend wanted my pants, so I gave them
to her. She came here last year for a visit and told me that she went to Yellowknife , where we
both lived for thirty years and she gave the pants away in Yellowknife. I don’t know if they are still there but it reminds me of that movie , the travelling pants .😂😂 God is doing a strange work indeed.

In Christ
" No man can come to me,except the Father draw him"
                                   (John 6: 44)


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Re: A Strange Work
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 06:47:07 PM »

Really great story Pamela!

Traveling pants 😂🤣😂
That guy you met is a character, right out of a movie or book.

Speaking about yard sales, the religeon I came out of warned us not to shop at yard sales or second hand stores, because the world at large was worshiping Satan and a demon or demons could be attatched to any of the items and we might bring them home with us. 🤣 I've had more than a few laughs recalling instances where people in our congregation were convinced this very thing had actually happened to them.

There was a time my sister was going through a particularly bad time and she  asked me if I thought the ceramic  gargoyles she bought at a yard sale years ago. might be the problem.  I'm embarrassed to tell this, but I immediately became alarmed and told her to get them out of the house right away. After talking it over for awhile,  it was decided she would take them outside and take a hammer to them, and she did.  It was much later before her situation improved, and she considered moving out of her house to get away from it, but realized it would probably just attach itself  to something else and come with her.  Looking back, I remember thinking where does it say in scripture demons hitch rides to get around.🤔😂

You probably don't need to worry about your gifted lamp though, because demons hate anything holy.

One of the first things I did after leaving the church was go to yard sales and buy  stuff.😁

I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.
                                     John 8:12


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Re: A Strange Work
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2019, 08:02:06 PM »

That’s funny Wanda.i grew up surrounded by superstition. The black cat , don’t walk under a ladder
, don’t buy a broom in May or you’ll sweep your family away, if a dog howls, or a bird hits your window, someone is dying, don’t cross knives on the kitchen table or put your new shoes there either.
And every time people heard sirens, they made the sign of the cross. When I look back now
I see how my mom used the placebo effect. She smoked all the time so when one of the kids
got an earache she blew smoke in our ear and told us to take a nap until it went away, or put
ashes in our tooth from her cigarette to take away our toothaches. 😂😂😂 so many silly things.
.  It’s amazing to look back on all the different generations . Except for the beautiful people , humans are really funny looking creatures.
I look at people and try to imagine what God was thinking when He made us. Hahahah.😂
He sure got an awesome sense of humour. I laugh more than ever. I think we picked up some
demon hitchhikers in the seventies. Ugliest clothes ever.😂. God created us to think we are so
cool 😎. Haha. We are dirt. God Bless you.

In Christ Pamela
" No man can come to me,except the Father draw him"
                                   (John 6: 44)
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