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Author Topic: Heritic  (Read 5576 times)

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« on: August 24, 2006, 11:02:01 AM »

> I feel sorry for you. just because you are in denial
> about hell does not mean it does not exist. God speaks
> more of Hell in the Bible than he does of Heaven. The
> Bible is literal. Hell is real! Don't spread your lies
> and send more people to Hell. God does not condemn
> anyone to Hell, we condemn ourselves there when we
> commit sin. BUT God will let us in Heaven if we let
> Jesus' death pay for our sins and accept Jesus as our
> Saviour.
> I seriously hope you reconsider what you "believe"
> because there is proof of Hell, and I would hate to
> see you or anyone burn there for ever!
> Jon

Dear Jon:

Thank you for that admonition, Jon. Yes, I can just imagine just how much you really "hate" the idea that God will burn most of the human race, including billions of grandfathers and grandmothers and boy and girls and pregnant women who never knew God, in an eternal hellhole of insane human misery. Yes, I bet you just really really hate that whole idea. But on the other hand, you must think that this whole eternal hellhole of torture is also A PRETTY DARN GOOD IDEA, don't you?  I mean you must think that it is completely and totally "fair," don't you?  As Dr. Kennedy does?  And John Hagee who says, "IT'S JUSTICE."

Actually, Jon, if you believe that "the lake of fire" is a literal hellhole of literal fire for all eternity, then you must admit, that no one is thrown in there because they reject Jesus, but the first reason given for being thrown in there is to be "fearful."  Or as it is in the Greek "shy or timid" -- "But the fearful...............shall have their part in the lake which burnes with fire and brimstone:  which is the second death" (Rev. 21:08).  The word translated "fearful" in this verse is from the Greek word "deilos" and Strong's first definition of this word is "timid."

Now then, Jon, what would you (a person possessing the merciful Spirit of God within you) think would be a suitable punishment for someone who is "timid?"

Would you suggest that a proper punishment for being "timid" is to be BURNED IN A LITERAL LAKE OF LITERAL FIRE FOR TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF QUADRILLIONS OF EONS--WITH NO END?  How does that sound for a suitable punishment for all people who are "timid?"

Or might you not rather re-educate you sick and deceived mind by reading my series on "HELL?"  Give it some thought.  My teaching comes from the Scriptures, not from evil christian tradition and paganism.

God be with you,

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