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Please Pray for my Son Brian

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Dennis Vogel:

--- Quote from: Wanda on January 25, 2022, 12:07:14 PM --- Adding my prayers for you both Dennis, and hoping it's God's will Brian will soon be able to join you in Alabama.
Was Brian able to keep his appointment with the cardiologist?

--- End quote ---

He was but the cardiologist refused him because his insurance was not done being processed by the state. 

Thankyou Wanda
So nice to hear from you, I pray you are well.
I just now got a call from Newfoundland, my brother just got out of surgery.
He had quadruple bypass. So far so good. We wait and pray and hopefully
if all goes well he will go home in six days. With COVID , no one from the family
can be with him. His son just had stints put in his heart in Ont. and his wife a pacemaker
so they are all compromised. My 53 year old nephew was diagnosed with bowel cancer
two weeks ago. He was supposed to have surgery but I havenít heard from him.
He said he would call. He has no family or friends and told me heís very lonely 😔
I donít know if heís dead or alive. So sad.

Dennis, I am so sorry for Brian. Paul said in Thessalonians that the conditions on the earth
would increase and get worse. They were under extreme hardship at the time. But we
have reassurance.
1 Thes.3:12-13 Now May the Lord cause you to increase and superabound in love for one
another and for all, even as we also for you, to establish your hearts unblameable in holiness
in front of our God and Father in the presence of Our Lord Jesus with ALL His saints.

My prayers continue for all of you.
In Christ , Pamela



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