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Please pray

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Sorry to hear this I'll be praying for you both .
God bless

Surely we will keep praying for you and your husband

Thank you for your prayers.
My husband had another surgery on Monday by a different doctor. He came home yesterday.
It was a nightmare for him. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough.But our God is good and saw him through. Our healthcare system is horrible.
I will need much patience for this chapter in my life. Six weeks of recovery with a grumpy old man.My husband calls me nurse wretched.lol.I have to maintain a sense of humour or I will go crazy 😜.
God gave us kind and helpful neighbours, and prayers form you all I am sure He heard.Praise God.

In Christ, Pamela

Friend Pamela,

I do not recommend what you and many of our forum friends have to endure in this life as a precursor to the blessings we will have in the next life with our LORD and elder brother, but I would just remind us all that God tells us that every tear will be wiped away and our conscious experiences then and for all time thereafter will be so wonderous that we will not be able to compare them.

With sincere brotherly love and caring, Bob

Thank you for your encouragement Eugene. I am so looking forward to the no more tears.
This is very difficult 😞, last night I just wanted to die.

God Bless you all


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