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Help!!! Am I The Only One?

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--- Quote from: love_magnified ---The more I studied, and the more I just sat there and thought about what I knew to be true, the more the indoctrination withdrawal went away. I go through mini-renaissance moments where I would take a step back and see how God has no interest in eternal torture, and think, how could I have ever invested by energy and belief into that. Then other times my flesh would speak up and say (of course without truth, just emotion): "what if, what if." There is no what if: there is only God's plan. So eventually Jesus collapsed my flesh so that I could fully enjoy and partake of the gospel. It took a few months I'd say. That could never be a standard. It all depends.
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awsome, dang it took me 30 yrs. each his own


LOL!!! So sometime between now and 30 years I should be fine.  Ooooookay ... :)


Just stay the course and pursue to the end, and you will be amazed at how much you will be changed. It's a process.

nightmare sasuke:

--- Quote from: SandyFla ---OK, please don't trash-n-bash me for this, but I'm wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing ...

I know that what churches teach about hell is wrong, but sometimes I still have the fear that maybe there IS an eternal hell with literal fire and brimstone. This usually happens when I'm not feeling well and thinking about dying, or late at night when everything is quiet.

When my grandmother was dying, she was terrified that she was going to hell because she left the Catholic faith and married a "Protestant devil," as they were called in those days. But just before she died, she reached out her hands and said, "Jesus ...," and she died peacefully.

Is it possible that, like her, the false teaching is so ingrained in my psyche that the fear automatically comes back, or do I subconsciously still believe in hell? Has anyone else struggled with this? If so, how long did it take for you to overcome it?

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You have no reason to fear hell, real, or not real. Do you really think God would let anyone go to hell, especially one of his followers (you?)? You should ask God to help you rid yourself of that fear. I'll keep you in my prayers!

nightmare sasuke:

--- Quote from: SandyFla ---LOL!!! So sometime between now and 30 years I should be fine.  Ooooookay ... :)

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Well, it took me like 5 minutes, so maybe you'll hit the jack pot like me ;D Well, sometimes I have doubts about certain views I’ve developed, but I’m 100% sure both in my spirit and heart that there is no hell awaiting one immediately after death.


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