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Author Topic: Faith  (Read 2651 times)

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« on: September 09, 2006, 01:32:12 AM »

when i found the website "" claming and explaining the entirety of Christianity has origins in paganism, including the Christ myth.  quoting with their emphasis:
"You'll discover there is no consistent, reasoned analysis of the evidence that can pick out Christianity as fundamentally different from other ancient Pagan religions.  Christianity is an ancient Pagan religion.  When Romulus is described as the Son of God, born of a virgin, we understand that as a myth.  When Alexander the Great is described as the Son of God, born of a mortal woman, we understand that as a myth.  When Augustus is described as the Son of God, born of a mortal woman, we understand that as a myth.  When Dionysus is described as the Son of God, born of a mortal woman, we understand that as a myth.  When Scipio Africanus is described as the Son of God, born of a mortal woman, we understand that as a myth.  So how come when Jesus is described as the Son of God, born of a mort al woman, according to prophecy, how come that's not a myth?"  AND MUCH MORE.
they tout they have been banned by google, and sometimes it is difficult to pull this site up or their graphics dont work but their text does.  i think they are using some insurance company's domain to post their lies about the Christ myth to try to avoid google banning them, but this is just a guess.  i initially inadvertently found them by searching three words 'pagan, eternal and life.'   this site mixes in the truths about how Roman Catholicism brought paganism into their practices and teachings.
my mind was blown at first, not knowing how to refute this.  this all happened last weekend and i didnt want to bother you or your staff because i knew you were busy with the assembly events, so i contacted Lew White, and here's the essence of what he wrote:
Concerning the claims made by Pagans about similarities in beliefs and teachings in the true
faith and Torah of Yahuah, they have always been the ones who were afraid of the Truth.
First of all, there are some truths in Pagan religions, however they are buried and mixed-up with other false nonsense.  Islam borrowed from every religion that was found around Muhammad in the 7th century.  Centuries after its development, its scholars discovered that Muhammad had borrowed all of his ideas from Judaism, Christianity, and the Pagan Sabeans that circumambulated around the Ka'aba (cube), and that "Allah" was the Sabean moon-diety.  When Christianity began, it is true that it was a hybrid blending of all the Pagan Roman religions around it.
The adversary, ha'shatan, started all Pagan religions, and imitated, mimicked,
and twisted ideas so that "worship" (obedience) would be diverted to "him", and away from Yahuah.
The "virgin birth" was foretold to the adversary at Genesis, because Yahuah told "him" that
the "seed of the woman" (virgin) would crush "his" head.  Also, it would be a "He" (male) that
would be doing this.  Thus, ha'shatan designed religion with a watchful eye for the "seed of the woman"
that would be crushing "his" head.  Many, many other things were designed around the theme of
a woman and her child so ha'shatan could observe the population carefully.  This also explains
why false religions have been so severe to those who wish to worship (obey) Yahuah, and not tradition.
Herod was obviously serving ha'shatan when he ordered the murder of the innocents in Bethlehem.
On the other hand, Pagan religions have re-written parts of their own past somewhat to cast a bad light on
the true faith.  As the true faith prospered, it threatened to expose the evil intent of Pagan designs and customs.  So, Pagans pointed to the customs which were adopted from them;  but they also invented some ideas that they only adapted to fit their past.  During the 2nd and 3rd centuries especially, many "Gnostic Gospels" appeared which contained all sorts of fanciful "records" about Yahushua.
do you agree?  it rings fairly true to me, and is there anything else i should know?  i am not sure i follow everything he mentions in that last paragraph.
thanks a million ........ hope you all had a great assembly!
here's hoping Jesus crushes Satan's head today,
Dear Janice:
I understand your partial confusion. If Satan had not "deceived THE WHOLE WORLD" (Rev. 12:9), there would be no deception.  Deception must be based on SOMETHING.  I am here to tell you, however, that there is more deception concerning Jesus Christ from Christian Theologians than from Satan's other means of deception.
One day I will write a paper on "FAITH."  People are consantly asking me if I believe in this teacher or the other; this book or another;  this gospel or another?  Have I PROVED that the Scriptures are 100% true and authentic?  How do I know for SURE that we have the entire Bible as God purposed for us?  Why are there some differences in difference manuscripts?  Did Jesus really exist? Etc., etc., etc.
I am somewhat aware of all of these arguments against the faith.  They do no hinder me. And why is that?  Because I LIVE BY FAITH, that's why.  But isn't faith based on PROVEN HISTORICAL FACTS?  If we don't have PROOF, then we don't have FAITH, right?  WRONG!  Faith is belief and assurance that is NOT BASED ON EVIDENCE.  The King James definition of faith in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews is worse than awful.  Faith is an assurance that something is true even though there is no absolute tangible proof for that faith. So where does one find such a faith? He doesn't--IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD!
That is the magic of faith. Only those GIFTED WITH IT, HAVE IT--"For by grace are you saved [that being WHEN you are saved--yet future] through FAITH;  and that NOT of yourselves:  it is the GIFT OF GOD" (Eph. 2:8).
Don't let anyone take away you gift!
God be with you,
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