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Author Topic: Mark of the Beast  (Read 2539 times)

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Mark of the Beast
« on: September 12, 2006, 02:10:55 PM »

Hi Ray,
> I've enjoyed reading your thoughts concerning Revelation. I do have a few
> short questions just for clarity. Brief answers are fine ...
> 1. If the lake of fire is figurative, or symbolic, as suggested, then why
> does the Bible say both beast and false prophet were ** CAST ALIVE ** into
> the lake of fire burning with brimstone [Rev 19:20]? How can one be cast
> alive into anything that is figurative is what I'm trying to reason with
> here.
> 2. If we (i.e. each of us) are the beast, and admittedly most seem that
> way, then how does this correlate to the beast (i.e. seven heads and ten
> horns, etc.) the Bible speaks of (e.g. having a fatal wound, proposing an
> offer of peace in Israel, or a one world system)?
> 3. Who then, wou ld be the second beast causing all to worship the first? A
> woman? [Sorry, just a little humor there, but seriously, any thought
> regarding the second would be appreciated]
> Love and Prayers, Steve
> P.S. Will you be writing your installment of the mark of the beast soon?
> I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Is it money?

Dear IM:

You questions may be short, but the answers are not. It would take many pages to explain your questions. No, I have no plans to speak of "the mark of the beast" anytime soon. It is among the very least of my priorities.

And, NO, it is not "money."

God be with you,

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